Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Squamish love

The Tenderfoot Boogie orientation runs started out last Sunday, which is awesome because I have been left without many poeople to train with on the weekends for those long ass adventure runs. So far, I havent had the drive or patience to run more than 3 hours on my own. I was super surprised how many people I knew when we all met at the Squamish Adventure Center. My good buddy Mark Grist (and co) came from Vancouver, an entire crew (from mission) I recognized from the race Giv'r Take Around the Lake, and some locals I have met through working at the Challenge By Choice Studio.

I spontaneously went to a C3 conditioning class myself today and it was simply pure fun. Jen made up a 'Triathlon' which involved biking, running and rowing and in after EACH cardio exercise were the 'transitions' made up of push-ups, air squats, and kettle bell swings. After 40 minutes of that and 3 triathlons later, I was pooped! It's great doing things in groups because you push yourself that much harder and it's fun sharing the experience with others and feeding off their energy. Looking forward to more of those! Tonight we are coaching the Trail Clinics which run every Tuesday night @ 6pm and Saturdays at 8am. You can find more info on those HERE!!!

Last Saturday we got out Climbing again in Squamish, an average of about once a week outside. We managed to tick off a few nemsis's and all in all it was an awesome day. Then we had our good friends Sean R (rupees) and his lovely girlfriend Tory over for dinner...I finished off the night as the Scrabble champion! Go me!

Alright, time to go brush up on Polar Heart Rate monitors seeing as though I am the new Tech Rep....a position I am super excited about. I have owned and used them for years and everyone should have one!!!!! HURRY UP AND BUY....

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