Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have to say, my energy levels have felt 100% better this week than the last 2 weeks. I was experiencing this unbelievable phenomena of tiredness on my runs. And not just on one or two...but ALL OF THEM! Not sure if it had to do with calorie timing, i.e- waiting too long after eating to run, but after a week with no runs over 90 minutes I seem to have my pep back in my running step!

Today, I met up with Jen Segger for a run. I should have known it was going to be an uphill faster paced run! Funny thing, her heart rate was uncharacteristically high @ 166....haha....I wasn't wearing my monitor but I can assume by my lack of answering her questions that it was somewhere in the 170's-180's! But, hills aren't my forte, and thus, I was just happy to be getting my butt pushed. The run was logging road styles, and I would compare it to running up old mountain highway, a workout I miss. My body responds well to workouts like this, sustained climbing where I run uphill for upwards to an hour. I mean, this mirrors much of what we end up running in ultra's right. Glad to have found that in Squamish...and the downhill reward at the end is always so sweet.

Last weekend, Peter and I took a mini getaway to my family's cabin in Glacier, WA. I got my long run out of the way on Friday after work, so I wouldn;t have to worry about it there. We Saturday morning climbing here in Squish because the weather was perfect and after a few spins up the wall we headed out. We took my car for the first time ever, and it was the first time, with Peter, that I had driven across the Border. I must say, it was a breeze getting through. I was only asked where we were going and nothing else. When Peter drives we always get the run around, where are you going, what do you do for work, etc etc. I`d like to think it was because of my smiles and chipper attitude but maybe it`s because they don`t really think that I could have actually kidnapped Peter and am stealing him across the border!!! Muahahahahaha....(evil laugh).

(k, weather not looking so hot, but it was nice)

(eating an apple in the snow!)

We had a great dinner at Milano`s the local Italian eatery. Yum in my tum. Then back to the cabin for a soak in the hot tub! Oh, how I wish I had one of these at home. Sunday we went ski touring up Baker. It was awesome and we managed to have really great weather. So much so that I burnt my face and have a sick sunglasses tan! I was suppose to do a running photoshoot with a local photographer this wednesday but he had to cancel, good thing because I didnt tell him about my glasses tan! After ski it was hot tub round 2 and then off to the North Fork for worlds greatest thin crust pizza (house meat it is!).

Side note: There are a few places in and around the Mt. Baker area one must go: (1) The wake`n`bakery- THE place for coffee and a treat if need be, located in Glacier, WA (2) Milano`s for a more `upscale` dinner, also in Glacier, WA (3) The North Fork, this is located about 5 minuutes off the turn off towards Bellingham from the Mt. Baker hwy. They brew their own beer as well. Last but not least (4) Ed&Ailleen (ed-a-leen) Dairy for a swirl soft served in the bank! (yes I just said that). It`s located about 3 minutes from the Abbotsford border crossing on the U.S side. If it were Peter driving, he would have crossed it both ways but I am a Sumas border kid. It`s the crossing my parents always took us when we were kids going to the`s all I know!

(photo from google search)

I am looking forward to a great weekend of I don`t know what yet. Perhaps a run on Sunday with the Tenderfoot Boogie training run group here in Squamish.

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Leslie said...

Haaaay! I know Jeannie, the gal who owner of Milano's. She's good running Peeps! She's also an ex-ski guide, with lots of time spent in Rogers Pass and other snowy corners of B.C.back in the day. Cool lady and an ass-kicker at age 53? Hard core and lovely. Small world.