Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trying new things....(not this time)

This is a picture of me not really 'Feeling it' on the Mountain Today. The weather was kind of blah and cold and I just couldn't muster up the motivation to be out there for very long. I convienently had to use the washroom at the top of the 7th Heaven share where the Horseman hut is located. It looked way to cozy inside not to sit down, eat lunch and splurge on some hot chocolate.

Just like all things in life (work, sports, relationships), if you don't mix it up, you start to get bored, or at least I do. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about how excited I was that I finally made the big jump to skiing Blackcomb all by myself. The newness kept it fun and exciting- for that week anyways. Now, I am just skiing the same runs over and over in a different order and becuase of the weather today, even less of them. I almost took the peak to peak gondola over to Whistler but going to a new mountain alone just didn't seem appealing and wanted to wait until Thursday when I am going back with a friend!

So, here is to reminding ourselves to keep it fresh and try new things all the time! Does a 'skier's high' exist, because if so, I have not felt it yet!

OH YA...and I just signed up for the Where's Waldo 100km which is happening August 20th, 2011. I am super stoked. I love Oregon but have never really run in the trails there...can't wait to do some road trips there this summer to explore pre-race!

See you in the trails!


Kaz said...

Oh believe me Nicola a skier's high most definitely exists! Perhaps a bit more practise and confidence will help you find it. There is not a lot that beats great turns at high speed for me although it is more often than not off piste that I get the real high when I have to work really hard and lungs and legs are on fire! Bad weather ski days are not skier's high days though. In Scotland you get good a dealing with bad weather - I trained and raced in it all the time in my youth, but having endured that so often I just can't be bothered with them any more so when abroad, if it's a bad day I'll do some playing but am quite happy to relax over a hot drink. Different if you're ski touring and you need to get back but on piste it just gets so congested! I've done a lot of skiing on my own and , yeah it can be fun some times but again bad weather is not the time for it. Hope you have a good day with your buddy. Mountains are always beautiful, but it's always better to have someone to share the beauty with! Sorry for the very long, rambling comment. Glad you're enjoying your move and I meant to comment about the hiking trips for the girls - great idea - definitely better they experience a positive event rather than 'failure'.

Amber McMinn said...

Skier's High definitely exists, but I've only ever found it in the back country, and usually its when I've worked my butt off for hours and hours to top out on a snowy mountain surrounded by nothing but peaks and wilderness. Nothing like ripping hide on the summit of a snowy peak and enjoying a cruisey run all the way back to the car.

Leslie said...

I was a Ski Bum for a decade! I spent long days riding the chairlift, always in search for the good snow, the better snow, the INCREDIBLE snow! I also smoked weed and drank a lot more beer as a resort skiier. :) Wouldn't have had it any other way and damn, it changed my life. My priorities have shifted and I'm a helluva' lot healthier, fitter and active than I've ever been. I still LOVE skiing with a group of like minded folks, bombing down hill full speed SCARY FAST and of course, making those sweet powder turns. I *heart* skiing. I find it's best enjoyed with friends - The Ski Posse was always an important part of my time spent in resort. But like the run, it's sometimes enjoyed by oneself, doing laps on a chairlift, ripping it up fast and hard. Damn.