Wednesday, March 30, 2011


(haha picture will make sense once you get to the bottom of the that I actually found this after writing my post!!!!!!!)

I always feel as though I should have all this amazing content in order to write a post...but...I don't. No crazy pictures, I keep telling myself to get better at that. I was reading a few food blogs today and one girl posts 3 times a day. I can wake up at 5:30am to go to work and read what this girl already had for breakfast (earlier time zone). For some reason, you just get addicted to wanting to know what Kath had for breakfast! Then I realized she must eat a lot of cold dinners because she's always photographing them outside (where she says it's cold) where there is more natural light (so she says).

haha, if you took pictures of me eating my meals, they would be much less glamorous. This morning it was a Banana as I drove the Sea to Sky Hwy to North Van, then a pit stop at Delany's for a coffee and muffin (all before 7am), which I again ate in the car. Then I went to North Shore Athletics to visit Peter.

***BEST PART OF THE DAY: I found a Starbucks Coffee card outside the gas station yesterday, a bit dirty, and picked it up thinking it might be a throw away or my lucky day. Turns out there was $33 on it, so I bought the staff at NSA a round of selected coffee beverages (k wait, 3 were hot chocolates and one was a tea, so not much coffee).

Anywho, I ended up steeling some of Pete's granola to put in my yogurt. I even hid behind his desk and cut some strawberries I had into it. Good thing no customers walked in to see that. Then I drove to a clients house and proceeded to eat my granola in the car. Hmm...starting to see a pattern? I worked out in my clients house while she ate lunch and then ate my own sandwich post workout, no plate. On my way back home to Squamish I dropped by my brothers house in Lions Bay. They have a dog named Kuma who looks very overweight. He was going crazy when I got there and decided to take him out for a run around the block. If anyone knows me, it is very out of character to intentionally play with animals but perhaps after housesitting for Pete's sisters dogs last week, I am turning a new leaf. Kuma looked like he could use a run...if you know what I'm saying!

Got home famished! Ate a salad, which was photograph worthy and some left over tofu slices and then when Pete finally got home, we baked up some Veggie Burritos we had made from the other night. Wow, there's my day of eating, seem like a lot?....oops I forgot to mention the Tim Tam (Jenn gave me at NSA), apple, and the small teeny tiny power cookie I had made, burnt, and put in the freezer a while back...Still good!

I have been watching way too many Criminal Minds episodes as of late. Case in point-Today, I hung around my clients house while she went shopping and did a workout in her home gym. She must trust me because she gave me the keys to lock the door. I was hanging out doing some work on my laptop when all of a sudeen her dog started barking. I haven't heard her dog, ladybug, bark all that often so I was a bit concerned. I went upstairs to check it out (dog is usually staring out at the drive-way) and didn't see anything so I went back to my work. Then the phone rang and I didn't answer it, obviously, but the phone cut out halfway through the owner's message. Wierd I thought. Normally, from my understanding, even if someone hangs up mid way, the answering maching would continue to run its course. Then I looked at my internet connection bar on the far right hand side of the screen and it had a big red "X" through it. Ok, now I really started to freak out because someone had totally cut the phone line!!!!! Or so I thought! I've never seen myself run so fast out of her house. Literally, I grabbed my stuff and got the hell out. I know it looks like I am a little 'paranoid' some might even go as far as to describe me as 'crazy' and I TOTALLY AGREE! But, if you were in my shoes, maybe you would have done the same! The house is also right near the woods. Hey, just saying.

Alight, time to go to bed and dream about happy things, like unicorns and brand new mountain bikes....maybe...a unicorn riding a brand new mountain bike!

See you in the trails!


William said...

Enjoy you blog! Wow that will buy a ton of coffee! What's in the veggie burrito?

Paige said...

This post absolutely cracked me up. I totally would have booked it out of that house, too!! Glad you made it out okay, lol!