Saturday, April 16, 2011


(Not me, but wow, what a splash!)

Last year, Peter and I, drove up to Brohme Lake to go running. The trails were very new to us and to no one's surprise they were fabulous. We decided to jump in post run and it was a dip in the lake I will never forget.

I can't really describe the way it made me feel but it was a very freeing sensation. It's like taking a leap of fail, being born again, and starting off on a new foot. I remember being nervous and I am certain it took me a long time before I made the jump in. The water was very cold but as soon as I got out of the lake, I warmed up instantaneously because the air was so much simply felt amazing. So amazing, that I wanted to do it again this year.

(Birthday Breakfast of Champions)

After a glorious run with Peter in the morning, followed by a lovely bowl of Oats topped with yogurt and fresh fruit, we made our way to Brohm Lake. We made a pit stop to grab a bottle of the Howe Sound Brew Pub beer (Geribaldi Honey), to enjoy post dip. We parked and walked down towards the water. The sky was overcast and the air was cool. It was suppose to rain the entire day but a miracle occured and the rain held off until 4pm. Peter set up a camera to take some video and then we stripped down to our bathing suits. As Peter made his way down to the rock where we were to jump off, I counted down, 1...2...3 and then without hesitation jumped right on in...and to my surprise...SOLO!!! I can't blame him though. I guess this is my tradition, not his!

I was so cold I could hardly breathe let alone climb back up the rock to get out. I put my hand out and Peter helped me out of the water. Again, it was only seconds until I was overcome with warmth and I just felt completely cleansed...born again.

I have a video but it's on Pete's camera and he just left on a 2 week ski touring trip. I'll post it when he is back. I am now 27, and I believe that means I am now in my 'Late Twenties"! Yahoo! Next race for me is Sun Mountain 50km in Winthrop, WA. I am very much looking forward to it. Ladies road trip!!!!

See you in the trails.


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Nicola!!

Kaz said...

Happy B-day fellow Aries gal! Glad you enjoyed your refreshing dip! You're just a spring chicken at 27!