Thursday, April 7, 2011


(Bouldering in Bishop California, 2008, I think)

Peter and I (but especially Peter) were pretty stoked up to come home and climb yesterday. We both had been working on The Shore and the weather was fabulous. However, on our drive home to Squamish (approx 5pm) the weather started to look a little dreary and as soon as we passed the cheif, en route home, rain drops started prancing on my windshield. Peter, having been stuck at work all day, was a little bit more than devastated! I at least, had been able to get out for a run and enjoy the sunny day.

In the end, we took our chances, parked in the Chief climbers parking lot and went searching for some dry boulders. There was only one other car in the lot and we ended up bouldering right next to him. Now this 'him', aint any old 'him'. Turns out we were bouldering with Pro Snowboarder, Lonnie Kauk, who's dad, Ron Kauk, is a legendary free climber in Yosemite Valley. Good times.

Bouldering outside can seem a little daunting, mainly because there are no ropes or gear to protect you. In the climbing gym, it`s pretty low-risk because there are more than dozen puffy crash pads underneath you. Outside however, you may have only a few crash pads on the ground (much thinner) and falling could have it`s consequences. I am not always a risk taker, but as a kid I am pretty sure I was fearless. Now-a-days the thought of sky-diving and bunjee jumping freaks me out (but I will do both someday soon) but when I get on a rock, I seem to be able to block out the risk. The odd time though I find myself thinking `wow, this is really high, if I fall, this won`t end well`.

My skills as a boulder`er, aren`t excellent and I often have more fun when I just play around and make up my own stuff. I am not always a fan of the rules of the route, having to start it a certain way, or following a perfect sequence. But, maybe it`s because I don`t have the patience to try the same route over and over until I get it. Regardless, just being outsidem, getting to climb up some random boulders is a pretty great way to spend an evening. We managed to get out for over an hour without any rainfall, but it did come eventually around 7:30pm, our cue to leave.

Today is a beautiful day and I am gearing up for a run with Segs! Get out there!

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