Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dutch Christmas...

I am very proud to be Dutch. When I was a little girl, I used to tell everyone that I was. Then I realized I was only half Dutch, until I found out I was really only 1/4 Dutch. In the end, I guess I am not that Dutch...

I have been celebrating Dutch Christmas for over 25 years! Every year my Gildersleeve family comes together for one monstrous day of fun, good food, and a lot of laughs. I have 7 aunts and uncles, 18 cousins, and lot's of significant others. My uncle John and his beautiful wife Carolynn always host the party and I am blown away every time. The food is to die for, tex mex fritatta, stratta, proscuitto wrapped poached eggs, land of knods, delicious chutneys and cheeses, fruit platters, salads, ceciles, brakka, and it wouldn't be a Gildersleeve event without uncles Mike's famous brownies.

How do we stay so fit after eating all these glorious goodies, with the Gilder Games of course. I come from a very athletic (and tall) family and my uncle rented out the Sutherland High School Gymnasium for us to run around in. Volleyball was the game of choice today and with my brother as well as 5 uncles/cousins being over 6'4, I was a little nervous. In the end, it was a lot of fun and we even managed to get in 2 great games of Basketball.

As some of you know I played basketball for Capilano College. I consider myself retired as I haven't played in over 3 years but it felt great to shoot the ball again. My shot came back effortlessly and I was knocking down 3's like it was nobody's business. AND...My ITB didn't hurt at all after all the running/sprinting!!!

My Oma used to write the Christmas Letter from Sinter Claus and Black Peter. She died a few years ago now and my brother and cousin Jordan have picked up where she left off. This letter is a rhymed poem and each family member gets mentioned in regards to what they have been up to over the year. It's creative and fun and I always look forward to hearing it.

Ping pong is a large tradition in this family. My Opa and Oma had a ping pong table in their apartment and as kids we would always end up playing it for hours. My brother has since acquired a table and he brought it all the way over from Lions Bay in the back of his truck. They set it up in the back yard and it was played all day long. However, the only pong I played last night was Beer Pong in - (minus) degree weather.

I was ready to brave the elements, decked out in a toque, gloves, scarf, and down jacket. It was a blast and with frost on the table, my cousins invented beer curling. You can even use the paddle as a broom!!! HURRY HARD!!!!

Anywho, thanks again John and Carolynn for once again hosting such a wonderful day of fun. I'll be posting pictures soon. I have a bad habit of not bringing a camera wherever I go!!!

See you in the trails!!!!


SteveQ said...

I made Taai-taai for Sinterklaasavond, just to be more Dutch (I, too, am 25%). They did NOT go over well, but I also made fudge, because I'm American and ultras burn off the calories.

Hope I see you on the trails some day. BTW, the word verification is "flash." Seems appropriate.

John said...

Hi Nic. Thanks for the kind words. You forgot to mention your salad, which was awesome. BTW, some of your 3's were from downtown
Uncle J

Islandcoconut said...

That photo is sweet! Ice-beer pong was a good time, as were the gilder games! Perhaps next year you will get the Pecker Pasta!!