Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ITB syndrome...WHAT!

The last few weeks have proven to be a little difficult in a good way and bad way.

BAD: I have been suffering from a bit of IT Band syndrome ever since Mountain Masochist. What went from a fun 2 weeks break from running, has turned into a month...sort of.

I had been seeking treatment from Dr. Paul Wiggins and Dr. Jenn Turner and they were making my IT feel amazing after every session. Then of course like anyone else would, I tried running the next day. The run always felt wonderful except for maybe the last 5 minutes, where I could only slightly feel an inkling of what could be discomfort. Not enough to keep me from running the next day! Of course, that next run always felt like crap and I'd end up turning around after 20 minutes. So, I would go back to get treatment and then again, the next days run felt awesome, but the run following that one would not.

It took me a couple weeks to realize that this cycle of treatment, run, treatment was not going to work. Seeing as how I have no real racing goals until February, I have convinced myself not to run until it is better. I have spent the last week or so, hiking, yoga, strength training and snowshoeing. I am not to sure if hiking is any better for the old ITB but it honestly keeps me sane. So, I ask myself sometimes, would it be better to just swim and bike indoors and go insane, or keep my sanity and enjoy the great outdoors? The weather has been crazy beautiful and all I want to do is go play in it, and play I have. Yes, the first choice would probably heel my injury quicker, but the latter brings my life so much satisfaction.

This week I am trying to bite the bullet (since last week I had a bit more fun). I will roll on my foam roller frivolously and get as much ART as possible. I have dedicated 2 hours of biking tonight while I watch the biggest Loser Finale!!! O, I am such a dork!

See you in the trails...walking for now, but running soon I hope!


a.k.a.Moogy said...

I'm hooked on the damn show as well. I was kinda cringing during last week's marathon because after going from prior weight to a fraction in such a short period of time and putting that kind of stress on the body I was sure that someone was going to do something catastrophic. I hope that either Rudy or Liz win!
I have been dealing w/ a nasty/lingering achillies tendonitis problem that has me MAYBE running 12 miles a week right now. I didn't run for about 10 weeks, went thru acupuncture and the pain was pretty much gone and then went to crossfit one day and buggered it up. SO FRUSTRATING. I do spinning, yoga and try to run at least 3 times a week but the pain is still there and my stride is all buggered up. Debating to stop running and let it heal completely but w/ a 50 miler in April, Western in June and Hardrock/Fat Dog in July I'll be lucky to make it to the first aid station. Any experience w/ this kind of injury?

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

Achilles Tendonitis: My boyfriend knows a lot about it and his advice is try heel lifts and different style of shoe. That has worked for him!

Look forward to meeting you at Western States!!


Moogy, I agree with Nicola re: heel lifts for the Achilles. As for both of you... I know I sound like a broken physio record but GLUTES, GLUTES, GLUTES.
1. For Moogy- if your gluteus max/min/min is weak (and/or hip flexors tight) , you lack hip extension to push off you use your ACHILLES!
2. For Nicola ( though I'm sure you already know this). Your glut medius has fascial attachments to your ITB at the hip. It helps 'hold it back' so it doesn't snap forward...which helps the ITB.
Thats my opinion as a physio of 20 yrs...but I still can't run as far as either of you! Good luck to you both.

a.k.a.Moogy said...

Thanx Nicola and Heather. I DO notice that when I do yoga (about two weeks in now) my right hip is quite a bit *tighter* than my left and the right achilies is the one I am having problems w/.