Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter run and family fun!

(My soaking spot (i.e- ice bath) post run)

Sunday morning was beautiful. After a few nasty days of running, the clouds momentarily vanished and the sun poked it's little head out to say hello. I went to to watch and cheer on my aunt, uncle and cousin Caitlin as they completed their first trail race ever.

The race was appropriately named "My First Trail Race" and is put on by the local running store (my second home) North Shore Athletics. My cousin Caitlin started working at NSA a few months ago and after a big of convincing from the staff, she signed up. My uncle who has recently started "exercising" decided to come give it a try. My aunt is a power house and has spent most of her life hiking the BCMC. Therefore, I had no doubt in my mind she would rock it. They all looked so happy at the finish line. I think my uncle pushed himself to another level he never thought he had. My aunt was 1st in her age group and my cousin Caitlin won the woman's 5km race!!!

After some lunch I headed out for a 3 hour run of my own. This was a true test of 'running on tired legs'. I actually felt really good and took it pretty easy. I had been experiencing some hamstring tightness from my 45km run the day before but it had eased up overnight and all was in working order. I came home, grabbed Pete, and he accompanied me to Lynn Headwaters for a soak in the snow fed canyon. The water was scorchingly cold due to the recent snow fall.

That night Peter and I took a stroll on over to my aunt and uncles place for Easter Dinner. They were cooking up a monstrous prime Rib roast that was made to feed 25-30 people. However, if you have ever seen my family, you would understand why the roast that's meant to feed 25-30, is cut down to about 15-17. We are in no way a 'round' family. We are dutch, we are tall, and we come hungry! It was a great way to end the day. Thank you so much to the Leahy family for hosting us last night! My hat goes off to you!

Enjoy another great week of running in the trails!!!! Good luck to those running Diez Vista this upcoming weekend.


Tom Craik said...

Sounds like a busy day of exercise and feeding the hungry machine. Cheers, to the family on their first race.

Anonymous said...
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