Monday, June 14, 2010

12 more days!

I came back from Banff feeling inspired and rejuvinated and ready to take on the last bigger week of running on the shore. It was also during this week that I just got crazy excited to toe the start line in Squaw Valley.

I threw a little more intensity into this week than I normally do, starting the week off with a Personal Best up the BCMC. I went into the steep hike with no time expectations because usually my legs are still a bit fatigued from the weekend. However, I quickly realized that they had lot's of juice in em' and my HR was much lower at my given pace. Perfect. I passed a fit looking fellow just after the 1/2 way point and he quickly followed suit. I could tell he was working to keep up, and keeping up he was. I passed another fit looking guy with about 10 minutes to go and even put a little jog in the mix because I was feeling so good. Then I heard running foot steps behind me! Both guys were now on my tail and it was pretty clear they were pushing hard to catch me. Of course, being the competitor that I am, I started running hills I never run, and I've never seen my HR as high on the BCMC as I did this day. They reached the top 15 or so seconds back and we all panted at the top of the mountain, glad to have pushed eachother to the finish...sometimes the best training partners turn out to be strangers!

The next evening I ran a couple of hours with the Summer Solstice training run group. I took it slow and easy (most of the time) but perhaps not easy enough to be fully recovered by Thursday and I kept the run short and easy this day.

Friday however, I felt fantastic and had one of my greatest tempo runs all year. I followed this run up with a family birthday party, as my aunt Julie, Brother Matthew, and uncle Mike were all celebrating on this day. When partying with the Gilder clan, there is always great food and amazing company.

Saturday I ran 90 minutes easy and part of it with the S.S training run group again.

Sunday, Peter and I slept in until 10am...which is very rare but sooooo enjoyable and was obviously really needed. We headed out around noon and managed to get in 3 1/2 hrs of good running. Lot's of climbing and descending. My quads were feeling it the next day and today!!! I had a massage yesterday followed up by an soak in the freezing cold Lynn Headwaters, which was then followed up by an hour sauna. I don't know if the massage was extra brutal (in a good way)or if the sauna dehydrated me a little bit but man oh man my muscles are sore today!!

All I have left to do now is Taper, eat well, and pack for next weeks road trip to Western States...SO EXCITED!!!!

See you in the trails!

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