Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cal-Check, Colloseum Mtn,Sulley's and The snake!

Last weekend Peter and I, as well as 3 other friends (Meg, Joe and Nicole) went camping in Squamish with one goal in mind- To climb! And climb we did. Saturday morning, megs picked me up (Peter had to work until 2pm) and the 4 of us went to score a camp site. It was the long weekend and we were in a bit of a hurry to secure one before they were all gone. Luckily, we came at the perfect time because there were 2 left. We set up shop and went directly to the climbing craig in Cal-Check. We did a few nice and easy warm-up climbs and once Peter came, decided to head somewhere new. I haven't learned to lead climb yet but that is on the "to do very soon" list. Not long after we got there, the gods from above started rebelling by unleashing some thunder and lightening. After one more climb we all knew it would be best to get back to the car. We timed it perfectly because just as we arrived back at our vehicle, it started to downpour!

We went back to the campsite but were forced to have a party in the car for an hour or so. We made some dinner as the rained drip dropped from above and went to bed shortly thereafter. Of course, I couldn't just spend a weekend climbing without getting out for a run! Before we set out climbing for the day, Peter and I went for a run on the sea to sky trail, which heads towards whistler. It was an easy, non-technical trail with just enough hills to remind me of how out of "running" shape I am after taking nearly 5-6 weeks off due to injury (after ws100). We spent the day climbing at Murin lake and it was fabulous. It was overcast but the air was warm and perfect. These 2 days climbing with great friends left me incredibly stoked to climb.

The next day peter and I decided to go for a long hike up Colloseum Mtn. It's a hike that starts from the headwaters and goes to Norvan Falls and then heads up and up and up until you reach the most fantastic view at the peak. I think it took us around 3.5-4 hours to get up and a couple hours to get back down. We spent about an hour at the top, eating lunch, napping and ooing and awwing at the beauty we had all to ourselves. As Peter stared down at the city he couldn't help but comment on how there could be hundreds of thousands of people down there and we had this place all to ourselves. Crazy!!!!!

(it looks silly- but it on Buckley's cough syrop!)

(Catching some zzz's)

(munching at the top of Colloseum)

We climbed a few more times throughout the week at Sulley's hangout, which is about 15 minutes from our door. There is this one climb called Lubo (11a) and it just kills me. It has about 4 crux's and the second one has proven to be my nemesis. After many attempts I finally got to the top but not without a few falls. I am determined to do it the next time I am there, without bailing. Yesterday, Peter got off work early and we headed up to Squamish to climb a multi-pitch route called the Snake (5.9), which is a climb on the Apron. I think there were 6 pitches, with the last 3 being a little more challenging than the first. After that, Pete took me up one more route which was the hardest of the day. I think it couldnt have been more than a 5.10a, but the holds were small and the footing was minimal. I have just learned recently how to trust my feet, and it has made a world of difference.

I got out for my longest run since western today, a whopping 2 hours! It felt great though and I had no hamstring/knee pain! I have been running everyday since I was able to get treatment on my injured area which seemed to have solved the issue. It's crazy how running just makes me happy. I am just not the same when I can't run, although I do my best to stay positive. Somehow, it just seems to keep my body and thoughts all in balance. I find it also keeps me motivated. When I am not running, I am just not that motivated.

Anywho, it looks like I am going scrambling in Squamish tomorrow. This should prove to be interesting because I can't say I've done much scrambling in my day. Am I excited though? HELL YA!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and good luck to everyone doing Stormy 50/100 mile today. I will post some pictures of all these adventures very shortly after I get Pete's camera to download them.

See you in the trails!

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