Sunday, August 29, 2010

Revelstoke, Lake Louise and Star Chek!

The past 2 years (since graduating from University) have been the best years of my life. I have accomplished more in that time frame than I would have ever thought imaginable. I have been riding this incredible wave, sometimes feeling a little selfish along the way. I have been employing myself as a trainer and run coach, a job that has allowed me the freedom to pretty much do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. A freedom I never took for granted. I can honestly say that for the last 2 years, I have truly been LIVING my life...and to the fullest I will add.

The decision to go back to school to pursue a career as a teacher (long term goal: school counselor) has not been easy. I have spent the last year waffling on this decision. It is really hard to imagine a life without the type of freedom I have come to enjoy. Just as daunting were the thoughts of being back in the classroom or in the library studying instead of out running in the mountains, or playing on natures climbing wall. However, with that said, I have come to realize that self-employment is not for me. I am much more productive when I am busy. Left up to me, I will always choose less work and more play.

I initially went to school to become a Phys.ed teacher. After 2 yrs in the program, a rather brief experience coaching a girls soccer team had me re-thinking my decision. Another hindrance was that I didn't have a second teachable subject, something that is required. I never really found anything but psychology (not a teachable subject) interesting, a subject I was very keen to learn more about. I ended up switching specializations and graduated with a Human Kinetics degree in Health and Fitness instead.

With everything said, I have no doubt in my mind that this is going to be an amazing career for me. I have about 7 prerequisite courses to take in order to apply to the education program for next year. I will also tick off a couple more classes for the eventual master's in counseling psychology I require to be a guidance counselor.

With all of this in mind, I have taken the last week off work (and the week coming up) to really enjoy what remains of the summer before going back to school. Here is a picture album of my latest adventures. Last week Peter and I headed to Revelstoke to visit our friends Todd and Kristen. Worthy experiences to note: climbing in the Begbie Bluffs, summited Mt. Begbie (got my first dose of 'Mountaineering'), and a beautiful run in Revelstoke National Park. After that we headed over to Lake Louise for 2 days of picture perfect climbing with friends Eric and Eileen. However, a day of rain scared us back to the coast to spend 2 days climbing in Squamish. We climbed Star Chek (a multi-pitch on the Chekamus River), a bunch of roots at Rogues Gallery, and finished off the weekend with 3 other couples (+ a dog and 4 week old baby) climbing at 'Up Among the Firs" at Murin Park.

(Gearing up to cross the Glacier- note- cramp-ons over La Sportiva crosslites!)

(On the glacier, at one point Todd put a cross over a snow covered crevasse stating "Nicola do not step here or you will fall to your death")

(Revelstoke down below)

(Finally on the summit of Mt. Begbie at 9000ft, 7000ft of climbing)

(Down scrambling the North Buttress)

(Eric working on his 12.C project at Lake Louise)

(View of Lake Louise from our climbing spot)

(Climbing up Star Chek on the Chekamus River).

The weather looks like it's going to turn on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, which means that tomorrow will see us hike/running up to to the peak of Black Tusk, followed by an evening of climbing at Sulley's hangout. Life is so good...

See you in the trails.

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