Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Melanie Burgon, Holistic Nutritionist

I would like to introduce my long time friend Melanie. I say long time friend because we grew up a half a block away and spent a lot of our elementary school years together. She ended up going to a different high school so I never saw much of Melanie after that. Recently however, we have re-connected and I think what she is doing is very cool and something I would like to do myself one day. Melanie has recently graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and now does her own consulting.

A little about Melanie:

Melanie is a high-energy jovial person, who takes immense pleasure in working with people of every demographic.

Along with her passion for maintaining a high level of fitness, she believes it is as important to maintain a healthy nutritional lifestyle. She personally believes in the importance of eating fresh, locally grown, whole all natural foods to help create a balanced lifestyle. She enjoys getting to know people on a more personal level, as each nutritional case/needs she encounters is different.

Melanie believes that she can assist people in discovering their true potential and help them to focus more on their personal goals. She is a persuasive and thorough motivator and believes that anyone can achieve his or her goals with enough enthusiasm and hard work. She is honored to help anyone she can on his or her journey to creating a more balanced lifestyle both nutritionally and physically. She takes immeasurable joy in seeing people change into happier healthier human beings.

As a graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Melanie has experience in providing nutritional advice from pre- and post-natal nutrition, children of all ages, adults, seniors and anyone who is energized, open and ready to accept assistance on a new nutritional lifestyle. (she told me she scored highest in sports nutrition!)

She would love to work with you, and bring happiness to all those around her with her winning smile, dynamite personality, adaptability and unshakable lust for life!

To contact Melanie, visit her blog at or email her directly at

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Thanks Nicola - Love your blog!