Thursday, October 7, 2010


The last and only other time I have been to smith rock was exactly 2 years ago. Peter and I went on a 3 week road trip through the U.S.A. He pretty much took me to all these steller climbing destinations (bishop, smith rock, indian creek, yosemite) but because I did not climb 2 years ago, he settled on running through them all with me.

Today we take off for a weekend in Smith, which is located in Bend, Oregon. Before that trip, I remember seeing a photo of Krissy Moehl on the cover of trail runner magaine running through there and thinking how amazing it looked. It really is a special place.

Since I last posted, I have been doing pretty much of the same. My runs have not exceeded 2.5 hours and that has been pretty comfortable for me. As I make my mind up on a goal for the new year, I will start to up the mileage but for now, I am happy where I am. Although my running hours arent anything crazy, I have been filling the rest of my time climbing in and outdoors as well as learning to do all sorts of crazy things with Kettle Bells. Kettle bell workouts can be very intense! I love it.

Look back shortly after the weekend for all the photos from the weekend! I hope the weather stays nice. Also, this will be the first time I am away for thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Julie`s. I hope all the Gilder`s enjoy the celebration and keep us in your thoughts as you feast away (maybe save us some left overs too...wink wink!!!)

See you in the trails!

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