Friday, August 10, 2012


The inspiration is just flying high right now. Gotta love summer for that...

Last night I watched "Unbreakable" the ws100 movie by, JB Benna @ NSA for their grand opening event. Ellie Greenwood was also there chit chatting away about her training/racing experiences and signing posters. I saw the first 3/4's of the movie while I was in New Zealand this past spring (our spring, their fall) and was dying to catch the rest. The first 3/4 was just as inspiring and exciting as the first time I watched it and it just got me so amped to get out there. Transrockies is a mere 4 sleeps away now and I can't wait to hit the road with Shauna and get this thing started!

Last week I was fortunate enough to head down to Schuswap Lake for the 5th year in a row with my boyfriend Peter's wonderful family. They have rented the same cabin on the lake for the past 15 years or so and it's just such a great place to go to get some much needed R&R and enjoy some good ol' recreational activities. This year we watched some of the Olympics to as my cousin was competing in the men Beach Volleyball, so I couldn't miss that! Here are my favorite things to do:

- Play Tennis
- Go hiking and running (Balmoral Trail Head and steep bike trail behind the house)
- Water ski & Tube
- Bocce and board games!
- Eat delicious fresh food, especially the local peaches & blueberries!
- Swim in the lake. After watching all the swimming for the Olympics I was always so jazzed up to get in the water.

Peter, me, Angie, Flora, and Kathleen on a gorgeous hike in Shuswap!

Icing my Calf, as it was acting up a bit!

Peter with Angie's dog Rooney

After a wonderful week here I was supposed to go run the West Coast Trail in one day over on Vancouver Island. I have wanted to hike this trail for years and was really excited to do it. There was an awesome group of 4 people heading out: Pat M. Kerry Ward, and Ellie Greenwood. Unfortunately, Ellie had to bail and so did I after my calf started to bug me again. It was the same calf issue I had in New Zealand, however not to the same severity but I was worried it would get to that point if I went and ran 80km on it in one go. With Transrockies happening shortly thereafter, I couldn't risk letting down a partner and jeopardizing her trip.  Sounds like Kerry and Pat had a wicked time and this is one adventure on my list for sure.

On Sunday, Peter and I headed up to Skagit Valley for some trail maintenance and flagging for the Fat Dog race. It was a beautiful and warm day and we hiked from the Skyline 2 trail head to camp Mowhich. The trail is only 13km to get their but it's pretty much all uphill. There were quite a lot of overgrown shrubs so we had out work cut out for us as we switch-backed our way up the mountain. The bugs were terrible but were more tolerable once we got above the tree line. In the end, everything is worth it because the views are AMAZING! We filled up 120 L of water for the racers which will be at the Camp Mowich aid station on race day and ran all the way back down. 


Well, that is all for now. I leave for Transrockies tomorrow and it starts on Tuesday. My partner, Shauna and I, are just so jazzed up! I come back on the 22nd and have taken the remainder of the summer off. I start Massage Therapy School in September and will be a pretty busy be for the next 20 months! I am confident however that I can work training and racing into my schedule because I don't really want to miss a beat. I might also be an auntie by the time I get back or shortly thereafter as my brother is expecting a beautiful baby boy!  So many wonderful things to look forward to. 

See you in the trails!


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