Thursday, August 23, 2012


DAY 3: Leadville to Redcliffe

Today we started from downtown Leadville. It just so happened that Todd (one of Peter's best friends), his wife Kristen, and their brand new baby Lucy Pepper, were in town from Revelstoke crewing one of Kristen's friends in the LVT100. Todd and Lucy came out to the start line and it was SO great to see them! The race starts with about 2-3 miles of road and then you begin running on the longest fire/ATV/logging trail of your life. It just seems to go on and on forever and Shauna did a great job dragging my butt through this section. Eventually though we got onto some sweet single track and my legs just opened and I was able to get into a nice rhythm. We finished the 24 mile day with 2.7 miles of flat logging road and it wasn't long before we cruised out way into the finish at Nova Guides.

I was pretty happy to have the longest day of the race over with and after grabbing a chocolate milk (Vanilla flavor) it was right into the small lake that was next to the finish to soak our tired legs. We came in as the 2nd open female team again and a fair distance back from first.  Pam and Jenni were just crushing it!

Shauna and I went into town today to do some laundry and afterwards we went on a nice 24 mile detour on the 91....oops. 50 miles later and we were back on the 24 en route to Nova Guides, where we were to camp for the next 2 nights.

Shauna and I at the start in Leavdille

Shauna with the Donnelly twins!

The highway on route to the trails

As always dinner was great and the awards, speeches, and slideshows are always super fun to see and watch. Shauna and I even mustered up the energy to sit at the campfire tonight and listen to some live music. Besides feeling pretty sore at the end of day 3, it was a great day.

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