Thursday, August 16, 2012


Day 2: Up and over hope pass- 14 miles

Shauna and I on Day 3 (not this day)

This stage is always a tough one for me, well half of it anyways. I can remember when Peter and I did it in 09’ and I slogged up the hill, however we kicked ass down the hill, finishing in 2:05. I think then though the stage was only 10 miles.

The day was blue bird, so gorgeous! I had a really bad sleep the night before and I just had dead legs to start the day. I guess I wasn’t the only one feeling like this however because we were leading a train of about 8 men behind us. We “power hiked” the entire way up and I was so happy to reach the top. The air was thin up at 12,500 ft but the views were breathtaking. There were even some llamas at the top!

The downhill was just as fun as I remember but I ran it a bit slower today. Shauna was the powerhouse today and led the way from start to finish. I had a really tough time nutritionally as well and found it hard to get in enough calories. I find the altitude makes it a little bit harder to eat. In the end, we came in 2nd in our category in a time of 2:58.

Gordy, (invented the 100mile rune) and I

Ryan Sutter, for anyone who is not familiar with this guy, is the winner of the first ever bachelorette. And, he is the only winner still with his mate. This was many years ago but I watched that entire season , so I am very familiar with who he is. He and his TRR partner were with us most of the day but I didn’t even realize it was them. We ended up soaking our legs in the lake together and I had to tell him how I had watched his entire season, plus the TV wedding! Soaking the legs was great and this one guy dove in and it just looked so refreshing, so I did the same. Heaven!

The open womens top 3
Shauna and I spent the day in Leadville and had some awesome pizza from high mountain pies. Dinner was scrumptious as usual and it was great getting to see all the video and photos from the day. Hopefully my legs will feel better tomorrow…after all the food I’ve consumed today, I better hope so!

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