Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Act of Walking

(View from the top of the first peak)

One of my favorite adventurs these days, consists of a walk/hike, from my doorstep, up to the first peak of the Chief and back. Why don't I run it? I don't know! I just really enjoy the leisure nature of the walk. I tend to do this specific outing on very nice sunny days which allows me to optimize the amount of time spent outside. If I ran the whole thing, it would just go by way to fast. I plug in my tunes and all of a sudden, I am in walking heaven.

(section leading up to the peak)

The Chief hiking route has been getting a lot of work done on it, as you can see below! Even in the snow...

(View of the second peak)

(A self portrait, way harder to do on an IPhone)

All this walking got me thinking. Why don't I walk more? I used to walk all the time. Before I got into distance running, I used to walk for hours. I would just leave my house, walk the 2 hours it took me to get downtown, adventering all along the way. However, I would normally bus back! You get to take in so much of your surroundings when you walk. After my run on Saturday I met up with a good friend and we just walked all over downtown Vancouver.

I guess, as a runner and a car owner, when I am not running, I am driving. Somewhere along the way I lost the want to walk. Why walk when I can drive! Maybe it's because it just takes so darn long to get to places. On a nice day however, it truly is great to just set out on your own 2 feet and experience. Experience the folks who are also walking, sitting on the bus or taking the sky train. You give yourself that time to take in the view while crossing the Lions Gate Bridge, or watching the waves crash down while you sit on a bench in English Bay.

Walking...the love affair has been rekindled.

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ah yes! I recently took my daughter on a walk ( that I usually run) in Belcarra. I saw stuff I never noticed before...even felt a bit lost & not sure where I was at the slower pace. Trippy fun. Maybe you're just getting older (like me!)ha ha!