Thursday, February 17, 2011


This week has been a whole lot of fun. That's my main goal in life right now...just to have a whole lot of fun. That's right. I am not concerned about making a lot of money, saving for a house, having kids...All I want to do is play, every day, all day!!!

(Note: I do not just play all day everyday, I do work (a bit)...It's just the goal)

I have acquired a season's pass to Whistler/Blackcomb mountain. Don't ask me how but I just have (small fee). It sat, dangling (can you sit and dangle?) on this jewelry stand that looks like a person in my bedroom for the past 3 weeks. After enough sitting around on my ass, baking, on rainy days (or partial), and some positive harassment from Peter, I finally caved and went skiing all by myself on Tuesday. My excuses for not going, even though I have acquired this pass, which would normally cost $1600, were (1) I don't know the (BIG) mountain very well(2) I don't know where to park my car(3) I have no one to go with...lame I know.

Who was I kidding. I love adventure and I should be ashamed of myself for having waited this long to go skiing, where a chairlift actually takes me UP the mountain, all I have to do is ski down! Not like this ski touring business where I have to work for my turns. That's what ski tourers call them..."turns". I was just calling it 'going down the hill'.

Tuesday was glorious and skiing by myself was surprisingly, almost better than being with others. I was in total control of where I went, I got to stop when I wanted, and leave when I wanted. I often am way to willing to put myself in dangerous situations with others where I am being thrust into places way beyond my current experience level, then I end up crying in a tree well somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It was nice to not have to do anything that was "going to make me stronger" or "build any character" haha.

I have had the most interesting encounters with people on the chairlifts. As a curious person, I often end up in these deep informative conversations, which only last a maximum of 7 minutes. The conversation is almost forced to end because so does our ride. That person, never to be seen again.

Anywho, I went up today as well. I always love the first ski down. My muscles feel as though they are in the last kilometer of a 10km race, filled with so much lactic acid (hydrogen atoms) they want to burst, the only bonus being I can stop and rest, not so much in a 10km race. It was a blue bird day and I can honestly say there was nowhere else I'd rather be. Today though, the company of a friend would have been nice. I listened to music for the first time. I liked it. The only negative was I became pretty anti-social on the chairlift. I didn't like that so I started taking out the earphones on the way up. Much better.

I have managed to climb twice this week. Tuesday night I went in our Squamish friends (Tara and Patricks) garage. They have built an awesome climbing wall in there. Mostly overhanging which is my weakness for sure. Looking forward to going back there in a week's time, disco ball and all!!

I went to the Edge climbing gym yesterday. Had a good time bouldering, however my limiting factor that day was my hands. They can get very callousy and sore. I am dying to go climb outside. I can smell a hot destination climbing trip soon. Hopefully sometime in March (Joshua Tree, Red Rocks?). I get giddy just thinking about it.

And, lastly, I have ran once this week! I took 2 days off after the half because believe it or not I was pretty sore/tight due to my lack of speed work and hard effort that day. In serious need of massage!!! I'm booked for tomorrow at 12pm! Will get back on the running wagon this weekend. Unless it continues to snow and then plans could easily change but I am craving a running adventure. Still, nothing beats adventuring on my OWN 2 feet.

See you in the MOUNTAINS!

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