Thursday, February 10, 2011


When thinking about the environment lately, I have focused a lot on the things I DON'T that is hurting it (i.e- not using cloth bags, buying things in plastic containers). But yesterday I started thinking about all the things that I DON'T do that actually help the environment!

1. I don't use deodorant (I've never had a complaint!)...maybe everyone is just being too nice. I just find I don't smell and if I do, it's because I am or have been running and in which case, I shower right away.

2. I don't wear make-up. Nothing. This girl prefers the o-naturalle look, or else I am cheap/ of the 2! This saves me from buying all the containers I can't recycle!

3. I drink mostly water, from a glass, which I own. I don't buy a lot of things that come in cans, plastic bottles, or tetrapacks.

4. I only shower if I am dirty! If I haven't done any exercise, I really don't feel the need to shower.

5. I only wash my hair every 3 days (saves water and shampoo/conditioner). Even if I do go for a run and have a shower (sans hair wash), it lasts all of about 3 minutes.

There we have it. 5 things that I don't do by nature that actually help the environment!


Leslie said...

Damn, you are one Low Maintenance Girl. I'm totally with you on #2, #3, #4 and #5. But this girl's wearing deodorant.

Captain Hairdo said...

Great ideas. I haven't worn deodorant for years and have never had any complaints. I don't drink soda but I drink a lot of water and coffee- from Nalgene bottles and a stainless steel travel cup that I've been dragging around for seven or eight years- so I create very little waste there. Being a guy makeup isn't an issue, but I like it when girls forego it. Another thing I don't do: being a committed, year-round bike commuter, I don't use gas!