Monday, February 7, 2011


Last week seemed like a pretty busy week and a lot was accomplished...except, not a lot of running!

Monday: 1:20 run (actually discovered some new trails!)
Tuesday: am: 90 min ski tour pm: Spin (1:00/27km)
Wednesday: am: BCMC (opted not to come down) pm: Run/walk with Youth girls
Thursday: pm: weights workout + spin (1:20/32km)
Friday: Run/walk with youth girls + climbing gym (felt rather tired today and just wanted to not do a whole lot of anything)
Saturday: Run 1:15
Sunday: 5 hour ski tour

Legs were feeling pretty tired this week. I hadn't done a weight workout for a while and for some reason kettle bell swings just make my hamstrings super sore in the days following. The kind of sore where running up hill doesn't feel so great. However, the ski tour felt amazing and I am sure I got all the cardio benefits of a long run, without any of the impact. The two spins this week were great but spinning does leave my legs feeling tired. Biking does not come easy for me, especially when there is no gravity to coast down hills with! I did not stay on top of any form of recovery fueling post any hard workouts, something I need to take more seriously this week.

After cutting my, what I thought was going to be a 3 hour ish run, on Saturday, down to 1:15, I was left with a lot of time on my hands. So I did what I sometimes do when I have a lot of time, I bake! I finally made a cookie that is similiar to the capers/whole foods power cookie. Delicious! And a really good blueberry bran muffin which I got from the food blog Pods and Pans. The author of the food blog, who oddly has the same name as my brothers girlfriend (Krista Johnson), is a delicious and healthy cook. I'll be posting these recipes soon.

The Youth girls this week were awesome. I didnt have a lot of structure to the 2 sessions we had. I wanted to have a chance to just get outside with them and watch how they run, energy levels, and what they can realistically handle. On Friday we were out along the bowser trail in North Vancouver and one of the girls noticed a long set of stairs. This girl is super energetic and quite fit so I told her to go sprint up them and we would time her. So she did and this inspired everyone to climb the very daunting number of stairs to the top, where we were rewarded with an amazing view of the city. One girl was quite content with just going half way but it didn't take her more than 5 minutes to realize what she was missing out on, and she did it.

This weekend I am running the 'first half' half marathon. It's been a couple of years since I last ran it and I am looking forward to having some fun. It's a great route which starts at the round house, goes around BC place, around the Stanley Park sea wall and back to the Round House for some of the yummiest post-race food. My mom will also be doing it as part of her journey towards the Marathon here in Vancouver in May. I am super proud of my mom for her goal. She attempted to do a marathon before I was born (I think) and had to stop at mile 20. That was back when no one ate anything and only drank water. You go MOM! I'll be cheering you all along the way, just like you did for my very first marathon!

Alright, time to get outside for a run before work! It's a glorious day here in Squamish!

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