Sunday, April 19, 2009

2 weeks to go...Bring on the Taper

Diez Vista 50km was on Saturday, with a great showing of familiar faces. Because I wasn't racing, I wasn't nervous at all, which is the complete opposite of my normal pre-race state. I started off running with my friend Adam Way. He was running his first 50km and we enjoyed a nice slow start. The moment we reached our first downhill, I was immediately excited and my heart rate starting to creep, which I settled quickly. I ran with some new people which was awesome.

As I started the descent after the top of one of the climbs a guy said to me "Is that Gildersleeve? I read your blog last night, I thought you said you were taking it easy today"

"I am taking it easy"

He replied "Are you trying to make me look bad?"

I eventually met back up with Adam and we ran together for quite a while. I had a few GI issues early on in the run, but they eventually subsided. As I ran along at a "just faster than training pace" I was honing in to all my aches and pains. Interestingly, When I am racing hard, I don't really notice aches or discomforts of individual body parts. I am sure that's because everything hurts but when I am going slower, I really tune in to whats going on with my body.

On Saturday, it probably took me 4 hours to really feel great, which is perfect because that's where I want to feel good in Miwok. If I can conserve energy for the first 1/2, I should be able to be really feel strong for the rest of the run. That's what I found with Haney to Harisson 100km. It took me 4 hours to warm up and at that point I was able to really open my legs up and run at a really good pace. I wasn't able to hold on in the last 20km but I'll blame that on my lack of experience and poor specificity training.

In summary, I really enjoyed the day. I thought a lot about Miwok and how much fun it is going to be. I took the time to stare out at the views along the ridges and had long conversations with many different runners. On the out and back section I said "good job" to each and every runner who was heading out in the direction I was coming from. Although they had a long way to go, they looked so strong and were so encouraging as I passed. As I came through the finish, I felt good and ready to start my taper. All the hard work is finally over!!!

Congratulations to everyone who raced. Gary Robbins, you rock. He set a new course record which was his goal for the day. Also, shout outs to Tamsin Anstey who won her very first Ultra (don't you just hate that!)...Just Kidding, she deserved it!

Ok, the Canucks are winning 3-2, I'm off. See you in the trails!


Adam said...

Thanks for the company out there Nicola... and for kicking my ass in the last 10km! You're looking good for Miwok. Enjoy the taper.

Gary Robbins said...

Thanks Gilder! Great seeing yer smiling face on those switchbacks out there:) VERY impressed that you kept it in check for this race...Miwok is going to be a VERY GOOD day for you!