Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Off to San Fran!!!

I LEAVE FOR SAN FRANCISCO TODAY!!! Actually I leave in T-minus 4 hours and I am sooo excited. Now that I think of it, it hasn't even been a month and half since my last road trip...Crazy.

I just finished up training my 6am client and I've really been enjoying training down at BFit, located in the auto mall. There is a really great group of independent trainers doing there thing. I am back working next to Jason Bond, who trained at IF when I worked there. He is doing a great job promoting his mountain biking training. If anyone is looking at stepping up their mountain biking game, Jason is the man to see.

I have about a million things to do before I go- bank, travel insurance, dry cleaning, buying fuel, picking up a purolator package, fitting in a run, and most important of all...PACKING!!! It's a good thing I have my trusted specialized bike to get me around town.

So with all that said, I better get the hell off of the computer, get my butt home and pack. Speaking of butts, mine along with the rest if my body had a kick ass massage. I told my aunt that I'm pretty sure she is the reason that I can run with a lot of discomfort in my legs because nothing feels as intense and when she massages me.

Happy trails! Can't wait to tell you all how Miwok went and my time in San Francisco.


Deb said...

Good Luck! Have a great time!!

MJ said...

Have a great race! Good luck!

Gary Robbins said...

Two words: KICK ASS!!