Saturday, April 4, 2009


Seriously, today is so crazy beautiful. The views from the powerlines on grouse today were stunning. The weather was perfect and the mountain madness group was all smiles. Pete and I got up early and met the group at grouse and then ran back to the Lower Seymour Conservation Forest (LSCR). Got in a good 2 1/2 hours of running. I am off to work now or else I would have spent another couple hours out there. I was suppose to get up a little earlier to run extra, so I'll pay the price and run an hour after work. The weather should still be gorgeous.

Yesterday I hopped on my $400 dollar mountain bike I bought 6 years ago. Pete and I rode in the demo forest until we hit snow and then he took me into circuit 8, which was probably the most technical riding I have ever done, which doesn't say much since I have only mountain biked a total of 5 times!!! I used to use that bike as a commuter bike on the road, which makes no sense because it weighs a ton. It has literally sat in my aunts shed for over a year and I just resurrected it. I am stoked! Oh and the best part, when I bought it I purchased the confiest/squishiest seat known to man. I dont even need to wear shammy shorts!

Yesterday I also found myself in a hot fusion yoga class. Yoga always reminds me how inflexible I am and how horrible my balance is. You'd think as a trail runner, my balance would be pretty good. In one pose- we went from a standing position to a folded over, wrap your hands around your heels position. She said, "grab onto those heels and straighten your legs"...haha...I just laughed, my legs could not have been more flexed. Then she said "and to those who have to bend their knees, remind yourself that as you continue your practice, you will one day be able to straighten those legs". YA RIGHT! Anywho, when I go more consistently I totally notice an improvement in strength, balance, posture, and flexibility. North Shore Elements has a great studio and I have yet to encounter an instructor I did not enjoy.

K off to work! Big sale today at NSA should be busy!!!


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