Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This year has been very different than any other year. I have learned to be extremely patient with myself. I have tried to live in the moment, not worrying so much about the future (which is hard for me). I have always been a busy girl, working 2 jobs, going to school, and playing varsity sports. In January 2009, I was "jobless" for the first time in a LONG time (my own decision). I had a vision of what it was I wanted but was not prepared for the amount of time it was going to take to get there. I am fortunate because I have made great connections along the way and it was easy to find part-time work a few days a week, which has allowed me to keep my head above water financially to pursue the career I want to have.

I WANT to be a trainer. I WANT to lead/guide others in their running pursuits (whether you want to learn to run or take it to that next level and try a 10km, 1/2, full, or ultra marathon. I WANT to pass on a great Heart Rate Training system that has worked for me and allowed me to get stronger as a runner. I WANT to help others achieve their goals or whatever their "unimaginable" is. Most of all, I want to inspire and motivate others to make healthy eating and exercise part of their lifestyle. Just like brushing your teeth, putting on your clothes, and eating, exercise is something that should be done daily. It's my first choice of therapy!

Going through the hoops. Even though I have a Bachelor of Human Kinetics from U.B.C, in order to train on my own, I had to get a Personal Training certification. This cert. is needed to get insurance. Most facility owners will not let you train people in their space without liability insurance and a proper certification (understandable). Insurance is ridiculously expensive ($800/yr) but if you have a cert. you can get it for a discount($200/yr). Anywho, I finally completed the exam and practical evaluation with Can-Fit-Pro. I was stoked to finally be getting my ticket to go train but then he asked me if CPR was current. Crap! It expired last week! Another obstacle but one worth having because everyone should have their CPR updated as the protocol changes every year it seems. My CPR renewal is April 19th and hopefully I will be up and training the following week.

Yesterday I went for a nice long road bike, the first of the year. Nice and long being 2 hours. That was about all I could handle in the saddle before my butt was DONE. Literally, I could not sit on my seat another peddle stroke. Half way through my ride, my buns needed a serious break, so I sat down in English Bay on a nice park bench that overlooked the ocean. At that same time, this guy on his bike, who had a bag full of golf clubs, sat right next to me. We started chatting and ended up in quite the lengthy chat. He was telling me about how he got laid off last year and has been loitering ever since. I told him I kind of have been to (though I do work part-time, so I'm not a complete loiterer!). We discussed all the emotions you go through after you stop working for a couple months. How you feel a bit lost and you wake up everyday without a sense of purpose. It's a very interesting process. Then you kind of start to settle in to the new routine and begin to brainstorm. You have time to think about what it is you really want to be doing.

I felt as though certain people were looking down on me when they saw me working back at North Shore Athletics or serving at Tommy's again. One person told me I was moving backwards and another guy asked me what I was doing working at Tommy's when I had a University degree (he worked at Save-On-Foods). I felt super insulted because A) a job doesn't define you and (b) some of my best friends work at these establishments and LOVE their jobs. A job doesn't have to be the be all end all. Sometimes, it is simply that thing that pays your bills so you can spend more time enjoying everything else that life has to offer. I'll use my step dad as an example. He has been a postman for over 20 years. I'll bet some of you are jealous knowing that he is off work everyday by noon, is at the golf course by 12:30 and has played 18 holes by the time most people are even thinking about leaving the office. After that he goes and picks some clams and oysters from the beach and is making himself a gourmet meal by 7pm. He may even fit a gym workout in their somewhere. I have nothing against anyone who is career oriented. I just know for me, if I work TOO much, I get stressed and my body literally shuts down. Work is something I want to be fun. I am creating my dream job and am excited for the adventure to begin. But I can assure you, work will never get in the way of life and play. Because to me (besides family and friends), that is one of the most important things. You get one life, why spend all of it in an office.


Peter Watson said...

Amen to that one.

Glad to watch you lead yourself towards your future, instead of just letting your future unfold in front of you.

Love ya

Gary Robbins said...

Go get it Gilder!
Well put for sure. I learned a long time ago that people who sit there and question YOUR direction are probably not so happy in their own direction, and they constantly have to justify it to themselves. Only you can fully understand all the decisions you make along the way, and we both know you can never falter if you follow your heart!