Saturday, October 10, 2009

Better on Paper.

Thursday evening was a day of memories. I got to catch up with a couple good friends and do a lot of reminiscing. We talked about what each other has been up to, which for both of us was a lot. We talked about mutual friends, where they are, and what they are doing now. A little while later, we ended up talking about sticker books. Now, I can't beleive this, but I still have my sticker book which I started back in 2003. I have thrown out a lot of stuff over the years but I was never able to get rid of this thing. I collected stickers for years, fuzzies, oilies, and pretty much every sticker Starbucks has ever put out, on it the names of all their coffee's. That was a tradition of mine when my mom would take me there for a chocolate cookie and a hot chocolate.

This all of a sudden led me to bust out the 5 journals I have kept over the years. My dad bought me my first journal in 1992. He has always written in a journal. Mostly simple things like the weather, money spent that day, who he saw, what he ate, etc. I think there were years where he wrote more deep personal things but those journals are long gone. I can still remember sitting at the Deli in Horseshoe Bay writing my first journal entry. It was March 17th, 1992, "a Wednesday in the rain and fog". The funniest part of this entry is my horrible spelling, but for someone in Grade 2, it isn't that bad. Here are a few examples: unujiwol (unusual), amedyetly (immediately) Kot (caught), ate (eight), ea (a).

I kept writing all the way up until 2 years ago. I pretty much have my entire high school years documented in my journals. I have every poem I ever wrote inside (which isn't many) and they don't really make sense. Every once and a while I will go back and read them. It's interesting to see the thoughts and feelings that occur during those teen years. It's also interesting to see the random comments my mom would write in en entry she didn't approve of! Remember doing that mom? I know your reading this right now!

The amazing thing I have realized is that I never stopped writing. This blog I suppose is my new journal. And it's not just for me anymore, it's out there for the world. I love writing. I have always been way better at expressing myself on paper. I will continue to share my adventures, hardships, and success's on this blog.

I recently had an offer to write blogs for Elevate Me Organic energy bars. The owners would do it themselves but they do not enjoy that aspect of their business. So, they hired me to do it! Getting paid to do something you enjoy is really satisfying and truly is the best kind of work.

Last night I went over to Peter's sister, Kathleen's, house for Thanksgiving. I had the pleasure of giving thanks with his 2 sisters, both their families, and our good friend Mark Grist. We all went around and said what we were thankful for. Everyone said very nice things and me, not being good with words, said something about the pumpkin's she had grown in her garden for the pumpkin pie that we were going to eat. If I could of taken it back I would and would have said something along the lines of..."I am thankful for meeting Peter and getting introduced to his wonderful family, who host us for dinner on a near monthly basis. Thank you for letting me into your family". There you go Angela, that is what I am really thankful for! Not just the garden harvested pumpkin's that make the best pie in the world.

The dinner last night kept me well fueled on my 4 hour run today. I decided to mix it up and run on the road instead of the trails today. Sometimes it's nice to just go for a long road run. I had the company of my friend Kerry Ward. We did the classic 3 bridge run through Vancouver. It really was a stunning day. I swear 4 hours can go by in a flash on the trails but on the road, it feels like forever. Your legs tire that much faster and I swear you can go around the world in 4 hours!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, except for those in the U.S, who have to wait a little bit longer!

See you in the trails!

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Stephanie Corker Irwin said...

What a stellar opp - to blog for ELEVATE ME! Rock on - congrats woman!