Thursday, October 1, 2009

Percy Wheels

Percy, the name of my new fire engine red 1990 Honda Civic. I couldn't be more excited right now to have a car. Although, not as ecologically sound as I may have liked, Percy is going to make my life a little bit easier (not that I have a hard life, it's pretty damn good).

When I only had a few clients, biking or running to and from their houses/BFit, was pretty easy. Now that I have more, it just takes up so much time trying to bike from one persons house to the other. It's a workout in itself, although, a very inefficient workout. Not to mention, how do I carry all of my equipment?

Car hunting was really starting to get annoying. I was unsure of what I wanted and I really didn't have the patience to go out to Surrey to look at a used car. I told my brother that I was looking and he called me back within a day. His roommate's wife was selling her car. Perfect! It was $700 bucks and in good running condition. It's always nice when you somewhat know the person you are buying it from. Less chance of being ripped off. I really don't need anything new or fancy as I will only be driving it within North Van.

I took it for a test drive today and was very pleased with it's performance. It even has a CD player! I love listening to tunes in the car. Of course, on the lowest volume as to ensure it doesn't distract my attention :).

This weekend I am heading back up to the secret trails to run with Tamsin. Heather is kindly putting us up in a Hotel again and shuttling us to the start. We will be running 45km and a few of the same hills as the Frosty 50km course we both ran 2 weeks ago. The weather is looking great and I can't wait. Keep your eye open for pictures to come on Monday.

My Uncle John has taken a keen interest in my blog as of late and so this one is for him. Last night, Peter and I were invited over to their house for Dinner. I associate their house with amazing meals, great Wine, and Gildersleeve family events. They host at least a couple of family gatherings a year and they are such gracious hosts. Carolyn, my aunt, is the most amazing cook and baker. I am constantly hounding her for her recipes. Last night she made chicken thighs that had been marinated for 24 hours in this amazing mix of white wine, olive oil, olives, prunes and apricots. KILLER!!! I could have gone up for 3rd and 4ths. For desert it was her own magic version of apple pie. I don't know what to call it, as it wasn't pie.

They left me feeling in a creative mood and I can't wait to experiment this weekend.
Time to go run!
See you in the trails!


Peter Watson said...

Congrats good looking.

Here's to your new found freedom.


Gary Robbins said...

YEAH, new car necessitates a ROAD TRIP!!