Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In the Zone

Just got back from such a great trail run. It started out really odd in that I felt a little disconnected from my body. Maybe I was just light headed, I don't know, but I carried on. I focused on my breathing, my heart rate, and keeping a nice even pace. Then as I approached the longest climb of the run (it's only like 10 minutes) I got really deep in thought. So much so, it wasn't until I was at the top of the hill that I realized I had just run up the entire climb without noticing. It was effortless. There is even one steeper climb and I didn't even notice my breathing change. Maybe it didn't. Anywho, it tripped me out.

I am definitely a run thinker. I think of everything and anything when I run. The best part, I am unstoppable in my thoughts. I could be thinking of something so outlandish, but I am so confident while I am running, there is no reason in my head it can't happen. I remember thinking once that Global Television (Canadian TV network) would love to help me out in my traveling endeavors/expenses (because they must have so much money) and I should ask them for sponsorship. Of course I would make it worth their while by writing articles for them or something but it totally seemed legit in my head. Obviously I never followed through with that one when I stopped running and realized that may be a little far fetched. The moral of that story is: Running gives you confidence to take on the world, running makes you think, and running can take your mind off even the toughest climb of the day (hill or life).

I toe the line in Virginia in 9 days for Mountain Masochist. I hope each hill feels as effortless as the end of my run today.

See you in the trails!


Devon said...

I love that feeling! Nice!

Steve Bell-Irving said...

Good luck in VA!!! Totally true about thinking when running... some of my best thoughts come through when I'm running.