Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The High's and Low's

Well, I must say, I am really looking forward to my taper, which I'll begin in 2 weeks!

I had an awesome week of training, with some high's and some low's. I did a fast Tempo run on the treadmill on Wednesday morning an hour before I had to train a client. It felt so good and there were points where I could hardly feel that my body was moving. I just felt like I was gliding. I couldn't say that about the 2 hour bike ride I went on with some friends later that afternoon.

Thursday was a nice easy 2 hour run out to Norvan Falls and back. It's a pretty flat run out to the 4km mark and then it's a slight incline to about 6km and eases off for the last 1.5km. The last 3.5km are fairly technical with lot's of rocks and roots. I came home last week saying to Peter "I can't beleive I ever thought the run out to Norvan was hilly". This week I walked in saying " When did Norvan get so hilly". Some days are good, some days not so good.

Friday was an easy run in the morning and then intervals later that afternoon. I haven't done intervals in a long time. It's not that I don't enjoy them, I think I just like going for runs better. If I had a group of friends who did intervals in the trails, I'd be all over it but going to the track, honestly, just isn't my thing. I want to WANT to run and track intervals make me NOT want to go run.

Saturday, Kerry Ward and I, ran the classic 3 bridge 23 miler. I used to do this run every year with North Shore Athletics when I used to train with their marathon clinic. Even though I am not training with the clinic anymore I still do this run annually. So, to switch things up, I went for a long road run. I left from my house, which made the run probably more like 26-28 miles. We went slow, it was the perfect day, and it was great to run all around Vancouver. Road running for 4 hours sucks a lot more out of you than 4 hours on the trails. I worked all Sunday morning and afternoon and set out for a run around 4pm. When I got to the trail head, I just didn't have the motivation to run. My legs felt hollow and just drained of energy. Instead, I turned my run into a nice 90 minute round trip hike up to Lynn Peak. Surprisingly, it wasn't much slower than when I try and really push it.

When I woke up on Monday to run, I was a bit nervous. I was just praying that a good dinner and good nights rest was enough to re-fill my legs with energy. I really wanted to run Haine's Valley and I wanted to get another 4 hours in on the trails. I had never done this run solo and it was nice being in the back country with me, myself, and I. Sometimes it's nice to go your own pace and be one with your own thoughts. I felt I was better able to connect with nature. The majority of the time, I do love going on this run with others. It's absolutely stunning and I love taking first timers out here. It's fun watching their mouths drop in awe at the beauty that is before them. I finished the run off with a chilly ice bath in the Lynn Headwaters. BRRRRRRR!!!

That night I got to celebrate thanksgiving with my Gilder family. My brother had us all over for dinner at his waterfront home in Lions Bay. We usually gather at my Aunt Julie's but her and her hubby were away in Edmonton. Thanks Matt for stepping up to the plate and to everyone for bringing such yummy and creative pumpkin pie. There is usually some sort of test of feat at our Gildersleeve family gatherings. Last year it was my brother's one legged squat and the year before my uncles 5 minute plank hold. My cousin told me she squatted my 230lb brother the other day. I decided that I had to test this out for myself. I told him to get on my back and attempt #1 didn't go as planned. Perhaps it was the 'kangaroo jump technique' he decided to use. Attempt # 2 was a bit better. I actually got him on my back in a stable position but there was no way in hell I was EVER going to squat down and back up. Nice work Leanna, I owe you a dinner!

Here is a little take home message and something I have just come to accept:

Sometimes it's disheartening when your body is run out of energy. When your run's feel more like a slog than a jog. But, just like ultra's, you are going to go through those high's and low's. I guess it's better to first experience them in training so you get to know the feeling and how to deal with it, both physically and mentally. If your body is tired for multiple days in a row, take a rest day. You won't lose fitness in that one day but you will feel a whole lot better in the days to come.

See you in the trails!

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