Sunday, January 17, 2010

I just wanted to take this moment to say a HUGE CONGRATS to Gary Robbins. Yesterday, he won the HURT 100 in Hawaii in course record style. I am so proud of him and I know he must be beaming ear to ear right now. Enjoy the rest of your time on the beach GR.

His win truly gets me excited for my first 100 mile race ever. Western States 100, June 26th/27th. I even had a running dream last night where I won a 100km with a pretty stacked field. I woke up feeling pretty good about myself. Now let's just see if I can transfer that into reality!

On that note, time to go hit the trails for a great run out towards Haine's Valley.

See you in the trails!


jenn said...

Hey Nic,

Glad you're feeling inspired and excited about your incredible endeavour in June - I know it will be a "milestone" for you in so many ways :) You have an awesome spirit - and are always quick to warmly suppport and recognize the accomplishments of others. Cheers to you for your love of life, for living fully and encouraging others to greatness (like you!!)

garobbins said...

THANKS GILDER!!!!! Can't wait for everyone to hit up WS in June!