Sunday, January 31, 2010

Laugh it out...

I went to a comedy show this past Saturday at the Orpheum Theatre. It was called "Laugh it out" and was a gift I bought Peter for Christmas. The show was part of the Cultural Olympiad that is taking place prior and during the course of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. There are over 600 shows taking place across B.C. This show was hosted by Barenaked Ladies’ Tyler Stewart and Ed Robertson. They were hilarious and after every act that would come back out, tell a hilarious story, and sing a well known song.

The opening act was Nikki Payne. I recognized her from "video on trial" on much music. She was an absolute gong show and way too off-side which in turned made her one funny girl. I wish I could have filmed it. We later found out there was an 11 year old boy in the audience and I can't even imagine what he thought of it all or if he even understood many of the highly inappropriate jokes. Take a look at this to see what I am talking about.

Seán Cullen was the next act and this guy was off the charts. He has the most amazing way of doing stand up and the best part of all was that he is an incredible singer. He had the whole theatre singing "KOCHIVO KOCHIVO" in opera. Here is a comedy clip with some singing if you wanted to check him out.

Shaun Majumder was the final act and he didn't disappoint. He is actually one of the stars on the t.v show 'This hour has 22 minutes'. He publicly nicknamed the 11 year old boy 'pubes' and called him that several times throughout his act.

If you ever get a chance to check any of these 3 acts out, do it!

This morning Peter and I canceled our run out to 'Squish' (a.k.a Squamish) because it was raining and decided to have some fun in our own backyard. A nice 3 hour run to round out the day followed by some much needed pumpkin bread toast and eggs, with homemade potato pan fries! Yum.

I got the first month of my new Western States training program and am ready to re-introduce a little bit of speed work. I was a bit shocked by the reduction in mileage to what I have already been doing but as the old saying goes, quality over quantity, especially when my goal race is 5 months away!

See you in the trails!

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