Monday, January 4, 2010


I have really enjoyed the down time of the holidays. I have enjoyed sleeping in until 8am (it's so dark out it's hard not to). I haven't missed waking up at 4:35am on Tuesdays and Thursdays to train my lovely clients. However, with that said, I do miss seeing their smiling faces and can't wait to get back in the gym to kick some ass...just kidding.

I have had some amazing meals, family events galore, and have seen friends who are back in town for the holidays. It's kind of crazy to think that at certain times of the year, our daily routines just change for a week or two and then eventually we go back to the way things were. However, nothing in my life is very routine and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Orcas Island 50km is almost a month away. I was really looking forward to it but having been out for 6 weeks with a tight ITB, I have dropped down to the 25km. With that said, I really love running 25k's. You can just hammer and usually feel great the next day!

Every time I get injured (which has only been this year) I learn something new about coming back. Once I feel good, I kind of just want to run everyday (a slight flaw). I pretty much did that for the the 2 weeks (minus 2 days for hikes) over Christmas and starting to feel some discomfort on my middle toe on my left foot. It started bothering me on my last and longest run, which took an hour and 50 min. I know, pretty small, but having been injured twice this year, I'm starting to get a little paranoid. Hopefully it won't be too big of an issue. I have tested it out running and it doesn't hurt but I am aware of it. Anyone have any experience with toe's?

See you in the trails!


Tom Craik said...

C'mon! Man up and go tete a tete with Ellie. This is all about Gildersleeve. Tons of wicked fast downhill. I guess you'll get the same out of the 25K, but without Ellie on your mind.

Looking forward to it. See you down there.


Hmm..Toes. There are SO many possible causes: But as a runner, I would consider
a)Mortons neuroma- a nerve between 2nd and 3rd toe. Gives a burning pain. Often fallen transverse arch (front of foot) squeezing the nerve

b)Tibialis posterior-inserts bones inside of arch and #2-4 MTP joints. Big function in controlling tibial forward motion with descent. Supports medial arch (works harder if you are a pronator).
For a&b- transverse arch support, rolling on frozen bottle or tennis ball, I could go on...muscle balance etc- But we only have one page.
c) Mortons toe- that second longer toe that slams into the shoe. Who the heck is Morton anyway?
Much, much more,... but these are the most common. Hope you find it helpful. Is it the same foot as the ITB??

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

It is the same foot as the ITB. I can feel something if I press right behind the 3rd toe. Other than that its really mild. Doesnt hurt when I walk. Only if I am running on the balls of my feet kinds thing.