Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dead legs

This has been a weird week! My legs feel like someone has gone and sucked the energy right out of them with a straw and has yet to blow it all back in. Every run I just keep hoping they will feel strong and energized, but alas not yet. As Chuckanut 50km draws closer and closer, I am starting to wonder how I will feel come race day. Sometimes, this wonderful thing happens where the adrenaline kicks in on the day of the show and everything just seems to come together nicely. I am not tapering for this event as it is only a 'C' race thrown in last minute for some fun but it would still be nice to feel a little fresh!

The race this weekend is super stacked and I am stoked to be joining all these fabulous runners for a rad adventure on Saturday.

On Sunday Peter set out to do the first ever (maybe?) winter crossing of the Knee Knacker 50km. Goodie for him, it snowed the week he was planning on doing it. The week before I am pretty sure it would have almost been bare up on those mountains! He packed up his bag with snowshoes and all and left himself a drop bag at the 1/2 way mark at Cleveland Dam. I was to meat him at the end in Deep Cove to drive him back home. He estimated an 8 hour finish time. At 3pm I set out for my own run to meet him, thinking he might only be 20 minutes away. I was stunned to see that I had not seen him by the time I reached the Seymour Grind. After an hour and a half, I had gotten all the way to Hyannis. I was starting to get worried as it would be dark soon. All I could think about leading up to this point was "how do I go about calling search and rescue"! After starting my descent from Hyannis Road, I saw him coming towards me. He had survived!!!!! You can read about his epic journey hear.

Alright, time to go roll out the legs and stretch a little. Hopefully I can roll some life back into them!!!

See you in the trails!!!

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a.k.a.Moogy said...

Wow...great job by Peter!! Good luck at the race...kick ass!! Conflicting emotions because David T was such a great guy and he will be missed.