Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sport Med Doctor

I so happy to have found an amazing Sport Med Doctor here on the North Shore. Dr. James Bovard is such a wealth of knowledge and I would recommend him in a heart beat. He is an athlete himself, which is something I look for in most of my practicioner's.

After palpating my ribs, he determined that it is indeed just a bruise. He said it could take weeks/months to fully heal but on the plus side, doing physical activity will not make the problem any worse...yippy! As long as I can handle the discomfort of the activity, I can do it. To me, that is great news.

Looking forward to watching all the racers this weekend at The Dirty Duo here on the North Shore. As promised, the weather is always crappy, but it wouldn't be the dirty duo without a little rain and mud!!!!! If you need to get a longer run in and are in the North Vancouver area on Saturday, sign up for this awesome race. There are lot's of options to choose from: 15km, 25km, and 50km run solo, 25km run/30km Bike solo or relay. The route is fun and challenging and I promise it will not dissapoint. Peter and I will be volunteering at the same spot as the last 2 years (twin bridges). I'll get my cheering voice ready!

See you in the trails!!!

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