Monday, March 29, 2010

Find the motivation...

I have been dealing with what I am self diagnosing as a hamstring strain. I don't really know what is going on but whatever it is, it has been causing me a bit of discomfort during my runs. I pretty much ran through it all week but on my Saturday long run I noticed it was significantly worse.

Sunday, yesterday, I got in my car to go do the grind. As I drove towards Grouse Mountain, the light rain turned to hail and I found myself at a stand still. I pulled over and called Peter and we decided to spend the afternoon at the climbing gym instead (followed by some street hockey with Peter and his sister's family).

Today, I got my butt out the door to really do the Grouse Grind. I had that same feeling where I just didn't want to go. I actually turned around at one point, only to turn around again in direction of the mountain seconds later. Again, as I got to the base of the mountain the rain started thundering down. I found myself sitting in my car, debating with myself about whether or not this was what I really felt like doing. I thought perhaps the spin bike at the gym would be a much better idea, at least I would be warm and dry there. Normally I am not this much of a woosy. I love exercising in the rain. Perhaps I am just feeling sorry for myself because of my bum hamstring.

All of a sudden, this girl walks in front of my car wearing shorts and a T-shirt and she is holding an umbrella! It's pissing rain, I'm in my car debating life and this girl is wearing next to nothing and is out doing her thing. Although I thought scaling a mountain while holding an umbrella a bit odd, it empowered and inspired me to get the hell out of my car. I did. I had a great hike. I could hardly feel the rain which had eventually turned to snow 1/2 way up the hike. It was beautiful and I still can't believe how much self convincing I had to do to get myself there.

My boyfriend kept telling me as I left the house, "just remember how much better you'll feel once your done". He was right, I was.

Let's be honest, as runners, I think motivation comes and goes. I am a very motivated individual but for some reason or another there are times where I'm just not 'feeling' it. Sometimes it's because of a bad streak of crappy weather or not having a training partner. Whatever the case may be, look to others to find motivation or simply just 'start'. I would say 99% of the time, if I just get out there, it isn't too long until I am quickly running in bliss.

Alright, time to get back to the climbing gym to tackle some very humbling climbs!

See you in the trails!



Good job 'getting your butt out the door'! When I lack motivation, I'll sit down at the computer and read some blogs ie. yours or Gary's..where you ran over a mountain range or something before work. That gets me going!!
Otherwise, my fav saying;
" you never regret the runs you do, you ALWAYS regret the runs you diddn't do"
Thanks for the motivation,

mrf0rd said...

It's comforting to hear that "elite athletes" such as yourself go through similar motivation issues. I really enjoy your blog and will continue to tune in to keep myself motivated, informed and enlightened.
D. Ford

Kaz said...

Thanks, Nicola for your comment on my blog re: trans rockies. It was helpful as it is always a concern for me - runner's trots are not pleasant for anyone! I did think that because they cart your kit form camp to camp that in my kit bag I could just have a stash of my own bread etc. I get rather paranoid about not having enough crabs as so often I'm left with a salad that after 20+ miles, quite frankly, just doesn't cut the mustard! So who knows - all now I need to worry about is when is it OK to ask my parents (if I did it with my husband)to look after my baby for a week while we run up and down mountains Those logisitics are totally unfamiliar, but I'm sure I'll find a way. My mum and dad used to have nanna go on skiing hols with them when we were very young to look after us so they should really expect it! Ha Ha - That's what they get for bringing up girls who like the outdoors!