Thursday, March 11, 2010

The green light!

It's amazing how your mind and body react once you get the "Green Light" to go ahead and exercise (run). I was hesitant to try and run the last 3 days because I really did not want to aggravate my bruised sternum. After finding out today that there was no fracture and that I could indeed run, I hit the trails at my earliest convenience.

It felt so good to just be out there and not worrying about doing any damage. In fact, the pain almost went away once I started running. The discomfort became nothing but a dull ache and there were even a few moments where I had forgotten I was hurt at all. I simply stopped focusing on it and allowed my mind wonder.

This weekend was suppose to be a big weekend. Saturday I was going to run Dirty Duo with a friend of mine as my relay partner. I run 25km and then he rides 30km. I had to pull the pin on him yesterday as I didn't think I would be able to run at all but I may give it another day and decide by tomorrow. I would definitely not be racing it but it would be good to get in some miles. Sunday, Peter has been excitedly planning to run the first winter crossing of the Knee Knacker course. This would be a longer effort, especially with the recent snowfall but it was something I had really been looking forward to. Yesterday, I thought for sure I would be down for the count but today I am thinking it may still be a possibility. I am just dying to get out for an all day adventure!

Anywho, I am back in good spirits!!!!! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend of running! Congrats to all those who got accepted into the Knee Knacker!!!!!! The lottery was this evening and I am sure there are a lot of happy trail runners. If you were someone who was not lucky enough to get in, never fear, Summer Solstice is here! I believe it occurs 3 weeks prior to Knee Knacker and is an amazing and challenging race. Spots are filling up fast, so hurry up and register.

See you in the trails.

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