Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fat Pig

I just wanted to post a quick write up about a theater production I went to last night at Performance Works on Granville Island. It was sooooo good and I wanted to let everyone know about it. If you live locally, I'd suggest checking it out. I think it runs until Sunday. Tickets are 2 for 1 today and tomorrow! The play is an hour and 50 minutes long, with no intermission. I'd also recommend going early if you are going to get tickets there as the line up was really long they were turning away people because it sold out. You can however pre-order them online.

Here is a little write up about the production I found in the pamphlet.

Fat Pig is a piece that examines human weakness, exposing our inability to stand up for what we beleive, particularly in a society that demands complicity with the status quo. In this exploration of insecurity two very important questions are raised: "Does love need society's blessing to be complete" and "Would you rather people were nice or honest?" The characters crudely wrestle with these questions to find their own answers. The taboo of loving someone who is different than you is what is essentially being examined in this production and whether or not we have the courage to embrace difference in the public arena.

I will also add that this play was done by a theater co-op, which is a professional production where all the members of the creative team donate their time and offer their own money in hopes that the costs of the show will be covered by box-office revenue. The proceeds from every ticket sold goes directly back to reimbursing the artists and creative team.

Anywho, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it really had me thinking about society and how critical we are. Sometimes I cant beleive the things I hear my friends say about other people. We are so quick to judge without knowing anyone's story.

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