Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Hidden Treasure

On Friday afternoon, a few of us went on an adventure to find this local climbing spot that a friend of ours has been talking about for a while now. It's located 20 minutes from the headwater's parking lot and a simple right hand turn off of the Lynn Loop running/hiking trail. Walk along a small trail about 5 minutes and BOOM...there she be. This crag has about 12-20 climb's on's even I can do (I am a beginner). Anywho, I am stoked to have a spot so close to home and I am sure Pete and I will get out a bit more than we have this year (which hasn't been much).

(Oli getting the rope ready)

It's hard to see but I am literally kneeling on this ledge. Peter was trying to direct me up this climb but I just couldn't do what he was suggesting. I took it upon myself to rely on my "climbing on my roof as a kid to get into the house when I forgot my Key" moves and this is how it ended up. I look more like a cat that is stuck on a ledge but it worked and I managed to make it all the way up.

Anywho, time to go for my Sunday long run. Pete and I are running the Summer Solstice trail marathon route. The race is Sunday, June 20th and I suggest you all come out- it's a challenging and super fun route!!!

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