Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The rest of the trip!

(Pic: This is Cafe Del Sol- we had 2 delicious organic wraps here)

The day after the race was Peter's Birthday! He turned 31 and because he was so sore from the 100km, he felt like an old man. We woke up, had waffles for breaky at the hotel and then went to San Francisco to fisherman's wharf. I have been here a few times now and I think that time may be the last. It's packed with tourists and besides the beautiful ocean view, the guy who scares people buy disguising himself as a tree, and seeing Alcatraz, there's really just a bunch of fast food restaurants and greasy looking seafood. My dad gave me $20 U.S for my birthday to go the Buena Vista Cafe to have a Spanish Coffee. The atmosphere in the place was awesome, it was packed. I had my $7.50 coffee and then we headed back to Mill Valley.

The hotel we stayed at (Aqua Hotel) had a great wine, cheese, cracker, and grape platter after 4pm everyday. Once we got back to the hotel, I put my feet up and had a glass of white wine that just hit the spot. We had reservations at a restaurant called Spinnaker's, which serves some great seafood. It is located right on the water in Sausalito and we had a table right by the window. As we were leaving we discovered there was a wedding reception across the hall. The people inside were clearly having a good time. Wedding crashers had been on TV the night before and that would have been a good one to crash. The band was playing some nice slow dance music so Peter and I danced for part of a song in the hallway (ya, were corny!). After dinner we went back to the hotel. I had brought some chocolate all the way from Purdy's in North Vancouver. Sweet Georgia Brown's are Pete's absolute favorite and I wish I had a brought down a candle to stick in one as well.

(pic: Pete, his mom and dad, outside of Spinnaker's restaurant)

The next day we did some laundry. It could have been a smelly drive home with all our sopping wet race gear. We headed home around 11am, stopped once for 2 hours, and got home at 5am the next morning. I think the plan was to stop at a motel 6 to catch some sleep but Peter's a die hard and would rather just get home sooner than later. All in all, the trip was awesome. I absolutely love Sausalito and Mill Valley and would love to come back to do some training.

I just booked my next flight to Whitehorse. A cousin of mine is getting married on top of a mountain in August. I am super excited because I have never been to Whitehorse. She said there is an amazing 53km trail called the Chilkoot trail that I should run but I am a little nervous to do the trek alone in bear country! Anyone want to join me??!!!

See you in the trails!


Peter Watson said...

god is that Peter kid good looking! Thanks again for another great road trip. If you get good on standard will be able to get home even quicker next time!

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

When's my next lesson?