Monday, May 25, 2009


(I didnt have any photos from the weekend, so here is one from the beautiful Leadville, Colorado)

The weather here is ridiculous...ridiculously good! The kind of weather I wish we had all winter, but I guess having a shitty winter makes you appreciate the sunshine SO MUCH MORE! I think I truly am one of those people that gets a major energy boost from the sunshine. I don't suffer from SAD disorder or anything, but a little extra Vitamin D is never a bad thing. Went for an awesome 5 hour run with Peter yesterday. Unfortunately, he wasn't feeling so hot, but he suffered through it (almost puked up a gel or 2) and ran it out like a champion. We ran the Summer Solstice route, which is fun and challenging. I cant wait to help Peter race direct. Well, he'll be doing most of it, I'll be the trusty side kick!

Today I got to do my first Lactate Test (besides all the one's we do during the certification) to someone on the bike. Well, technically I did it last week but we sharpened up the procedure using the computrainer. The protocol that I learned on using the Tacx trainer is different than a computrainer and I think I made my guinea pig, Jason Bond, work a little harder than he needed (Sorry J)! During the test it is quite common to get a miss reading from the Lactate Pro machine (it's tiny). Little things can happen that could totally mess with your test (air gets in, sweat interferes, not enough blood to get an accurate reading etc). It's not hard to know when a false reading occurs but it's important for the tester to know when it happens. I can always tell and it's fun making predictions on whats going to happen. As a tester, you get really good at guessing what the next lactate reading is going to be. I think it's fun for both the testee and the tester. I am in complete dork mode. I came home right away to input her info into my computer to analyze the data. I already see some strength and weaknesses in her performance and I can now give her training recommendations based on her results. No formula is needed (how can you use a formula to predict training zones when everyone is different). All you need is just plain old physiology!

K dinner time!
See you in the trails...preferably with no furry animals who have recently come out of hibernation.

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