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I love the holiday season. Usually it just fly's by but this time, it's been gone by slowly and has been one of the most enjoyable breaks I have had in a long time. I have a good bout of work coming up ahead so even though I feel like a slacker now, taking so much time off, I know I'll be thanking myself later.

I finally got my ski touring set up and just days later I was off to Mount Baker to spend some time with friends at my family cabin. I got 2 good days of downhill skiing in and it was quite the awakening. In the 14 years I have taken off from skiing, I have only ski'd once, which was last year on Blackcomb. It felt great but not as easy as when I was 5 inches shorter, 40 lbs lighter, and 14 yrs younger. I can remember being so fearless and I was always throwing myself off jumps and skiing between the trees. Nowadays, I am not so concerned with speed and when I do ski between the trees, I am more or less hanging on for dear life! When it's all said and done, I am so stoked to be out there no matter what.

(Pete and his mom on a chair in whistler)

The 4 days spent in Whistler were great (thanks again Keith and Flo), we got 2 great days of downhill skiing in and one other day of ski touring introduction. Peter is a certified Canadian Avalanche instructor (level 1) and he spent some time teaching me the essentials of safety for back country travel. Peter's Neice and Nephews are amazingly cute and I had a blast skiing the hills with them. Tyler, 8, was skiing circles around me! And, Beck's, 6, was skiing blacks!

Christmas eve, Christmas day, and Dutch Christmas (27th) were spent with the Gilder's and it was nothing but good times.

(Above the hut in Cirese Creek)

On the 28th, Peter and I ski toured out to Cerise Creek, off the Duffey Lake road. It's about a 2 hour skin in to Keith's Hut. This hut is great. It sleeps about 20 people, has a fireplace, solar powered battery panel lights, and a huge table for people to sit/eat/chill at. After a great simple meal we hit the sack at 8pm, which seems early but most everybody else were already in bed and there really wasnt much else to do.

We woke up to a gloriously sunny day and skinned up above the hut where Peter demonstrated to me how to make an avalance profile pit. This invloves digging out a pit and doing a lot of various tests to test the layers of the snow pack. We did a few laps on here and honestly, I have never skiid on powder that was so fresh and smooth. The landscape was breathtaking and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to get out there and do stuff like this.

(View of Atwell)

After all that skiing, I needed a day off because my calves were soooo sore. Sore to touch, sore to walk, and there was definetly no way I was going to be able to run. Two days ago, Peter and I went to Geribaldi Park to ski tour. It was a blue bird day and the temps were mild. We toured over towards Elfin Lakes and did some laps on Paul Ridge. There were a few people heading towards the hut to stay the night as it was new years eve. Apparently 65 people spent the night in that hut and I think it maxes out around 60. Must have been cozy.

(Us on top of the second summit of the Chief)

We had a pretty low key NYE and spent the night in making pizzas and bringing in 2011pete and nic bed by 11pm! Never fear though, the pub across the street was bumpin and when the clock struck 12....we knew it!

On new years day we were blessed with another blue sky day and headed up to conquor all 3 summits of the Chief. It's nothing crazy but I had never been to all 3 summits and it was an excuse to get out- on foot. However, the next day we were back on the skis to do some more laps on Paul Ridge. I'll say it now and I'll say it again, ski touring is hard work! I'm wondering if it will make me a better runner...on the hills perhaps.

(Lunch break on Paul Ridge- PB and Banana sandwiches make great ski food)

Today I went for the first run I have been on in days. I went out with Jen Segger who is in prime condition for the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica and needless to say, I was sucking wind a bit. No, actually it went a lot better than I thought it would. I love squamish running. I even got out for my first Squamish outdoor bouldering experience ever. I was a bit apprehensive about climbing in this cold weather but I warmed up super quick. It was a great way to enjoy the last nice day of the week.

I signed up for The Test of Metal 67km mountain bike race. I think it's pretty random that the only race I have signed up for thus far is a mountain bike race, and I dont even own a bike yet!

Can't wait to do more of the same in the coming weeks...I love life.

See you in the trails!

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