Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Power woose needs a wf power cookie!

Man, when did I become such a wussy! Oh wait, I guess I've always been one. Whoever said getting your stiches taken out didn't hurt, was a liar. Ouch! It's even better when the doctor who takes them off is wondering why the doctor who did them, did it the way they did. Always very reassuring.

BUT, nothing a little trip up a mountain won't fix. Thanks BCMC, for keeping me Human!

I have a little girls trip coming up this saturday with 2 wicked hilarious ladies. This was very last minute and spontaneous on my part, but hey you live once. Were heading up to California and Nevada for some skiing, some running and some relaxation. Can't wait! It's funny, I looked at the forecast for Vancouver while I'm away and it's sunshine every single day. After all the rain we've had it is a shame to miss it but I am sure there will be lot's where we are...

I spent some time at Jen's studio learning all about the computrainer set up. That thing is impressive and is going to be a ton of fun and a great training tool for all those triathles and cyclists. I'll most definetly be joining in every now and again for some cross training and coaching.

Time to go do a lactate test! This client is going to be doing Chuckanut (husband to)50k and is going to rock it. Both are great runners and it will be their first 50km. I love working with ultra runners to be!

see you in the trails!

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