Thursday, January 6, 2011


People often like to make this analogy whenever I am being a baby about is a recent example,

"You can run 100 miles but getting stitches freaks you out"

Yes, it's true. In fact, if given the choice, I would RATHER run 100 miles than have to go get cut open. It's no secret that I have about a million moles all over my body (I like to call them beauty marks!). It had been a while so I got checked out by the dermatologist before Christmas. There were 2 he wanted to remove because they fit the criteria for being a potential problem. One of them he was very adamant about taking off right then and there. However, he said I wasnt going to be allowed to exercise for 2 weeks, which just wasnt going to work because I was going skiing for the next 4 days! He agreed to do it after Christmas.

I pretty much dreaded the mole removal day the entire holidays. I don't know why I am such a baby around needles but I always have been. I can remember being in grade 9and bursting into tears BEFORE they even put the tetanus shot needle in. The nurse said, the shot will be over before you can say 'mississipi'. So I did, and it was and it didnt even hurt, all that antidipation for nothing.

I have gotten better over the years. I used to be scared about getting blood tests (iron checks) but those are a peice of cake now! However, I still look away when they bring the needle over.

I had a mole removed a few years ago and the only memory I have is being able to hear the doctor cutting/sawing it off.

Anywho, so I go to the doctor and he starts explaining what he was going to do. I brought my ipod along with me, advice given to me by the receptionist, as a distraction from the sound I can remember hearing from last time. The first one he takes off is on my back, no biggie, takes no time. The second one however is on my chest, right smack dab in the middle. It also happens to be close to my heart which is beating out of my chest at this point. The freezing stings a little but by the time he starts doing his thing, I can't feel anything. Somehow though, the notion of what he is doing starts to make me feel queezy but I manage to keep it together.

I must have been making all sorts of gnarly faces because he kept asking me if I was ok and if I could feel anything. He finally asked me if I wanted to know what he was doing and for some reason that really helped calmed me. I could tell that he was doing different things then he had done on my back and that worried me a little. The worst part about the whole thing is that you can feel them tugging on your skin when they put the stitches on.

I survived though! I'll cross my fingers and hope everything is ok with the little guys. He recommend I dont do any exercise for 2-4 weeks for optimal healing but I'm pretty sure that would be impossible and unfortunetly I care more about my sanity than how the scars heal.

Here's to a happy and healthy start to 2011!

See you in the trails!


SteveQ said...

I know exactly what you mean.

The worst sound in the world is the "crack" when a tooth gets pulled. Trust me, you want general anaesthesia just to avoid hearing that.

A little someone close to me has a lot of suspicious looking moles on her back - and one huge (2 plus inches) diamond-shaped scar from where a cancer was removed. Makes me worry a lot more than she does.

I once worked in a lab where we had to get smallpox vaccinations and my boss passed out every time, even though they only scratch the skin with the needle; it's like brushing against a pine tree.

So, everyone has there thing they dread.

Jude said...

Aawwww... you're too sweet!
i fear a woman who would rather run 100mile then get a couple of haPPy nEW YEar Nicola! may it bring nothing but aWESOmeness...