Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just a Great Week...

It's interesting how you can go from having a pretty downer week to having a really great one. I think it probably has a lot to do with ATTITUDE as well as smart decision making. For whatever reason, last week, I was just in the dumps. I am sure a lot of it had to do with the fact that I hadn't been able to run for over 2 weeks because of the mole removal/stitches thing and with Jen's studio not opening when planned, work had been less than expected at this point in the year.

I was suppose to be heading to Lake Tahoe (to ski) with 2 girlfriends. I think I mentioned that it was a pretty spontaneous arrangement on my part, and I had joined their bandwagon last minute. I think this was more of an 'escape' trip for me. I wanted to just get away and not deal with any of the emotions I had been feeling over the last couple weeks. I started to get a little bit sick the day or 2 before departure day and felt pretty bad the day we were suppose to leave. Anywho, in the end, I pulled the pin and chose to stay home.

The trip in itself was starting to stress me out a little bit. Let's just say it wasn't the best timing. Jen was leaving on Wednesday night and I still felt like there were some loose ends (learning the computor system etc) I needed to tie up there before she left. In the end, not going to Tahoe, allowed me to have 3 days with her just going over the mind/body system, learning how to deal with payments and inputting them into the computor. We got the compu-trainer classes going right away and I even got to join in on a Conditioning class myself that Jen was putting on before she left. Lot's of fun.

I did so many different things acitvity wise last week that just made me happy, which all reminded me so much of why I love living in Squamish. Part of the reason I wanted to stay home (besides being sick) instead of going on the trip was because (runners will understand) I knew I just needed to RUN and be active. After sitting on the sidelines for 2 weeks, I knew I needed a lot of adventure. More than I knew skiing would provide. Also, sitting in the car for the equivelant of 2 days would have made me feel more antsy. Sometimes, I just need to be out on my own 2 feet.

Monday: Run in Studio on treadmill (1 hr, pissing rain outside)
Tuesday: an: Conditioning class, pm: outside trail run
Wednesday: Easy recovery run in North Van (1 hr). Nice to be back on home turf.
Thursday: am: Scramble on the Squaw, pm: 1 hr Spin at night.
Friday: 3 hour run from automall in NVAN, to top of Grouse (Chalet), return (raining and awesome)
Saturday: Hike to Petgill lake, Squamish...lot's of snow on ground- good adventure (3 hr round trip).
Sunday: am:90 minute hot yoga with Shannon Mujazic, pm: climbing in Squamish (stunning day)
Monday: 90 minute ski tour up to Red Heather hut, hard work, nice pace!

The 3 hour run on Friday was my longest since...I want to say Western States 100? Ya, that was in June! WOW. I got exactly what I needed out of it. A long ass climb/hike, through snow and a super rewarding descent. It was raining pretty good but I was in that zone where the rain is like water falling from the heavens just want to sing, dance and jump around yelling as you run down the streets because your just so stoked to be outside while everyone else is driving!

Anywho, to sum it all up, work is great, adventures are plentiful, and I am back to feeling like myself again. Good luck to everyone who is in Costa Rica for the Coastal Challenge. It sounds crazy epic and I have definetly put it on my "to do" list. It's a hefty price point at around $2000 a person to enter. A girl last night said in order to go last year she had to sell her truck and collect bottles. Now that's commitment!

I am 80% sure at this point that Leadville is looking like the next 100 miler on the list. A friend of mine has already committed which makes it even more enticing. Road trip? I also need a new Melanzana hoodie (made in leadville) and have been craving some Manuelitas fish tacos! Leadville is a great place, having been there twice before, I am dying to go back.

Alright, amazing day outside today, time to go play, then compu-trainer and personal training client tonight!

See you in the trails!

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