Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking back....

While I was out walking/plunging in the snow today, I realized that I really haven’t taken the time to look back at the last year (2010). There were some good times and some bad times, but WAY more good times. Here are some of my highlights:

- Re-kindling my love with skiing on Blackomb Mountain with Peter’s Family. It was my first time back on skis in 13 years and it felt sooo good. It’s also the reason I took the financial plunge into buying all new gear this year.

- R2R2R with Peter in May. That trip was awesome. I even got to stay in the hooters hotel in Vegas! HOOTHOOT!

- Climbing in Revelstoke and Lake Louise in August. That road trip with Peter was amazing. The climbing in both those places was really fun.
- Climbing in Smith Rock with Nicole and Ross. Perfect weather, great rock, good friends! We missed you Rach and Oliver!

- Western States 100, my first 100 mile race. Epic to say the least and I got to share the experience with Peter who was also running. Missed going back there this year by 4 minutes!

- Chuckanut 50km, took 20 minutes off my time simply by cutting out all that power hiking….great run.
- Went to Banff to visit Leslie a.k.a Banff Trail Trash and ended up having some killer runs with her and a bunch of other wicked ladies. 13 hours of running in 3 days. This trip was huge for me because I was feeling a bit unmotivated at the time in regards to training, and this weekend perked me back up and got re-kindled my stoke. I also realized I wanted to live in a smaller mountain town.

- Moved to Squamish! Amazing place to live. Experiencing new things everyday.
- Summited Mount Begbie in Revelstoke. That was my first time mountaineering, crossing a glacier, and wearing crampons over my train runners.

- Multi-pitching with Peter all over Squamish followed by pints at the brew pub. King Heffy, you have my heart.
- Many kitchen disasters- I did however make the best caramelized banana peanut butter blondies and Pumpkin millet muffins!
- Dexter every Sunday at the leahy’s.
- Went back to school momentarily to see if I wanted to be a teacher- turns out I don’t. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board.
- My week long stint volunteering for the Fat Dog 100 mile and 100km. It was such a great experience getting to meet everyone who participated in this event, and to those brave souls who actually finished. Can’t wait to do it myself one day.
- Biking over to Salt Spring Island with Fawn in April.

That’s all for now, I am sure I am missing some. I could probably just go back over my blogs for the entire year and get a pretty good sense of all the adventures I went on. Can’t wait for twice as many this year

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